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Message from Lynn

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am confident that now that you have become more clutter-free your holiday ran smoother. In the last three months we have learned about cleaning clutter and letting go of unhealthy relationships. By now you are realizing how different the energy is with less clutter. If you have been hesitant to take this challenge because maybe you just don’t have the energy to do so, its because when you have a lot of clutter, it stacks up and causes tiredness and lethargy. The challenge is to help free up the energy in your home to release new vitality in your body. In doing so, it allows us to deal with new and old problems, granting positive energy to move forward. In addition, the energy allows you to generate healthier relationships. If you look after yourself by providing a healthier environment, people will notice and value you the same way you value yourself and space. However, clearing our environment is just the start. Now we need to get organized and understand why maybe some relationships are not working.

When organizing, be reasonable. Everything does not have to be perfect or you will never get it done. Here are some organization tips:

Recycle: Get in the habit of recycling. Look on the bottom of jars and containers to see if they can be recycled. I worked for a recycle company at one time. The biggest issue we had was people would leave covers on water bottles or any other kind of container. When the container ran through the conveyor belt, the lid would pop off, exploding the bottle into pieces. So the person who picks up the recycling has to make sure no lids are on the bottles. You can imagine how much work that is for one person. Here is a website you can use to learn how to recycle:

Woman’s purse: Choose a medium-sized purse. Make sure it at least has 4 compartments. One for your wallet that will hold your credit cards, loyalty cards, and cash. Next compartment should be for your cell phone. Another compartment should be for your receipts, and one compartment for you makeup (trial size). Hook your keys on the side of your purse, so you do not misplace them. Next, keep a backpack in the car with tissue, feminine products, sunglasses, gum, dental floss, aspirin, etc. In addition, try to keep a journal on you to prevent memory loss (either in the purse or backpack).

Create a central workstation in your home: This area is where you keep your calendar so you can keep up with schedules and tasks. This would include cleaning schedules, doctor’s appointments, kid’s activities, etc. It’s also a good place to delegate daily tasks and keep incoming and outgoing mail.

Labels: Post-it notes are your friend. Always label and date your food. Alphabetize all label files that you keep. To stay paperless, purchase a scanner to keep all important papers. Of course, always make sure you have a backup drive.

Make a weekly to-do list: This way, you have a week to complete this list. Do a little everyday. Include deadlines on the list so you can get it done.

When it is time to end a relationship or make a change in a relationship. Read the following:

When you have a partner that you have to keep explaining yourself to over and over again: This can indicate that either they get offended easily or they are just not listening to you.

When your partner is making you feel misunderstood: Maybe you feel misunderstood because you are trying too hard or trying to be something you are not.

When you have a partner that lies to you: When you catch someone in a lie TRUST becomes a big factor. How can you trust someone who lies? You really can’t. But most partners are in denial about the person who is lying to them. They will make excuses why they lie or paint a pretty picture to others about their partner. Then they become the liar.

When a partner takes more than they give: A good relationship will be more flexible. You will not feel drained or be the only one giving.

Emotional cheating: You see this a lot on social media. Couples find themselves talking to other people they are attracted to and taking it too far. If you find yourself straying, it is time you take a good look at your relationship and figure out what is missing. Sometimes just talking it out with your partner can help. At least give it a try. If it’s still not working, rather than cheating, make a better decision that is not going to be so hurtful in the long run.

Clearing out clutter, bad relationships, bad habits, and learning to organize can raise your energy. Once the clutter is gone, you will benefit from the positive effects it will create in everyday life. Next month I will give you some more organization tips, along with some Feng Shui tips. We will also learn more about meditation and emotional healing. I hope everyone is enjoying this journey!!!

Happy Holidays! Love you all, Lynn.






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Sarah Justice
Sarah Justice
02:31 11 Mar 18
Every crystal you can think of! Such a lovely place. Cards and more... i can never leave without purchasing a new treasure (those amethyst rune stones will be mine someday). You feel the light and welcoming atmosphere immediately. Lynn's healing is amazing. Amethyst light bed is very relaxing.
loretta watkins
loretta watkins
00:12 29 Nov 17
I love this store and. Lynn. She is always so helpful and her staff is great. I love the stones I buy and the calming atmosphere. One day I hope to take a class for meditation and tarot. I am happy for the growth Lynn has it means she is right on. I plan to book again as soon as I can get an appointment. I've been coming for 2 years because I believe in her gift and she makes me feel like I am more than just a customer booking her time but as a friend. She Brings comfort and familiarity to our appointments.
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler
15:52 17 Jan 18
Spiritual Uplifts is an amazing store! So beautiful, neat, well organized & thought out the young lady @ the front was so kind & personable they have gained a loyal client for life! How awesome is it that they actually educate clients!!!
Amanda Chadwick
Amanda Chadwick
01:38 06 Sep 17
Lynn is the most special, gifted and welcoming person I've come to meet. Her shop has the most amazing vibes and feelings when you walk in. It makes you feel at home and immediately at peace. Spiritual Uplifts and their family have helped me in more ways than I can explain. Thank you to Spiritual Uplifts and the family for being so kind, compassionate, welcoming, and helping me in so many ways.
Stephie L
Stephie L
23:24 29 Sep 17
Extremely nice. I went in there as a naive person who stumbled upon a YouTube video as I was searching for reasons for my throat complications (which were not western medicine sickness). She was so kind and graceful as she talked me. She even did a healing ritual right there on the spot, which made the weird sensation go away.
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