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Shadow work

Working with your shadow helps you to understand your truth. During this work, you will start transforming parts of your character that you would like to change with compassion and understanding. Once you recognize the behavior patterns you will see how to make changes that make you feel safer, free will and less pressure. Shadow work is a personal growth process which brings your hidden powers out of the shadow and into the light.

We work on some of this is our 3-day retreat however in 2018 we will have a second half that will be focused on deeper shadow work.


Mindfulness is a function of our mental facilities that we all use to a small degree in our lives. We need to learn to accept that function so we can use it in more in our everyday life. The practice that is used to reach this level is meditation. Meditation does for mindfulness what going to the gym does for your body. Meditation provides specific ways to make us become more mindful, putting our minds in better condition.

Our 3 1/2 meditation class helps you create this discipline. We will have more classes in 2018 to teach mindfulness.

3- Day Healing Workshop Retreat

December 8th to the 10th

This retreat takes you to a wonderfully relaxing place deep within the mind. My mission in this workshop is to help you to make self-discovery about the self and to get rid of blockages that create doubt, fear, and non-acceptance. You will learn how to heal yourself by using grids, healings, past life experiences and more. This is a great workshop for those that feel stuck and need a push in the right direction. I am very proud to say that this workshop has changed many people’s lives. The results are amazing. It gives you a sense of self that you have not discovered by bringing you closer to understand where you are in life and how to set goals for what is next.

Included with this retreat: One Lemurian crystal, Crystal healing grid, Healing circle, Healing bed, 3 readings, Journal, two meals, snacks, and handouts. Total value $ 550.00. Your cost $350.00

3 1/2 Hour meditation

This is done monthly. This class will help you learn to improve your meditation. You will learn basic steps, using different breathing exercises, mantra, and visualization. The more you attend this class it will help you to get closer to your higher consciousness. At the end of the session, you will get a written message from Lynn cost $25.00

Half hour break snacks and water is provided.


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