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Make a list of lessons you learn this year. Here are some to help start the new year.

Communication: Talk in a way others can understand and be inspired by you.

Friendships: Friends come and go in your life through different frequencies. People who stay in your life are considered a soul friendship. You just keep going through lessons together. Sometimes direction changes and you may part ways for a while. However, a soul friendship will always evolve and come back.

Be kind: Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Jealously: Be happy with yourself. Who are you? People who get so lost in jealousy can only find themselves outside their element. Because they get so comfortable with someone else’s life, they forget whom they are. Know and be happy with you are.

Take responsibility: Stop making excuses. Take ownership of it. Commit yourself to actions and choices.

Be grateful for what you have: Waiting for something to happen can be frustrating. However look around, the more you are thankful for what you already have the energy will change and bring you what you desire.

Forgive: Forgive but do not forget. In other words, do not forget the lessons you have learned. Recognize it and release it. Forgiving yourself and others will allow you to lessen the burden so you can be open to alternative experiences moving forward.

Hope everyone has a large list and is ready to move on to the new year.


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