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2-day Studies of Basic Palm reading and working with the Tree of life.  You will learn the basics of palm reading.  In between the different lessons you will also learn the tree of life and how you can read it and make the changes to transform your life.  There will be some crafts, food, lecture and workshop practices.  Lunch, snacks, and supplies included.  Cost $250.00

3 day retreat Healing Workshop part 2. Aligning your well being by changing how things flow in your life.  Universal laws of Expanding Consciousness and “Gaining a healthier prospect on life.”

In this retreat, we will work on yourself based on letting go, connecting with your inner child, and creating an environment that is healthy and prosperous.  Day two we will work on self.  You will explore your inner child while learning how to do your own shadow work.  Learn how to deal with stress, excessive energy, and moving forward. Day three is working on your environment. Get rid of blockages that you have accepted in your environment that have a hold on your spiritual growth.  You are the only one in your way, so now is the time to connect with your environment to make the flow of life feel free, happy and prosperous.  Lunch, snacks, and supplies included.  Cost $350.00

2-day Magical Cat Workshop.  Explore different areas of magic creating your own traditions.  You will learn to how to use a book of shadows, create an altar, candle magic, enchantments, including a full moon ritual on the last day.  Lunch, snacks, and supplies included.  Cost $240.00 comes with a leather journal.

2 Day Psychic Development Workshop. This class is designed for people whom are new to their gifts and want to find out where they are at so they can focus on their strong points.  Lunch, snacks, and supplies included.  Cost $250.00

1 full day workshop Spiritual house cleansing workshop.  Learn how to create the scared space you have always dream of. We will start from your home and work our way to your job.  This class is design to teach you how to have better energy flow in your home.  Lunch, snacks, and supplies included.  Cost $150.00

We have set it up so if you are out of town you can rent a room and spend the weekend with us at Spiritual Uplifts.  

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