Annual Mini Class Pass

Spiritual Uplifts is not only a store but a place where people can discover themselves. Every month we have at least have one or two mini classes. Classes are taught by Lynn. The classes are lectures, crafts, meditation, healing etc. I started this store so people in Jacksonville would have the same resources I did growing up. The diversity of classes is set up so you can studied what you love and meet like-minded people.

The Annual Class Pass gives a discount price, prepaid classes, and access to our metaphysical library.

The Annual Class Pass includes:

  • 20 mini classes/ 3 of them are psychic attunement classes
  • Intensive meditation by Lynn
  • Meditation class every Friday and Saturday
  • Healing event is the first Saturday of every month
  • One free library Card

This pass is yearly. Varies from the time of purchase.
Total package value $650.00 Your Price $ 400.00
Sold from December to March 31st

Learn how to use the pendulum. Bring your pendulum or purchase one from us. We will be learning to do readings with the pendulum, locate people on a map, and have a treasure hunt.. Cost: $20.00

Psychic Attunement you will be taught how to attune your psychic abilities. The attunement increases your awareness and channels your gifts. Cost: $25.00

Learn Protection and how to cleanse your home. Often there are situations within our houses that make it difficult for us to live in them. I will teach cleansing rituals that can influence energies and encourage positive surroundings. You will receive a house cleansing kit. Cost: $25.00

Learn the basics of Feng Shui. Create a new life style by creating a better flow of energy through your home. Bring in a Blueprint or draw one so I can show you how to place objects in your home to create a better chi. You will also create a craft for your money corner. Cost: $30.00

Healing yourself with the Crystals. Learn to use the crystals to heal your body and clear the chakras. You can bring your own crystals or purchase Reiki charged crystals from the store. Please bring yoga mat and call to sign up for class. Cost $25.00
Healing event Practitioners will be giving out Reiki to customers. Cost $5.00 Love offering

Aura Paintings This classes helps you have a better understanding of how aura work. In addition, you will paint your own aura. Later I will give you a spiritual reading from your painting. Cost $30.00

Angel Readings You will use paints to create your angel and Lyn will read your Angel Picture. Cost $30.00

Understanding dreams and dream journaling Those who understand their dreams have a greater self-awareness of their personal and spiritual growth. Remember dreams, access subconscious mind, write dreams, and interpretation. You will also make a dream journal and dream catcher in this class. Cost $30.00

Understanding the Magic of Love. Whether you are looking for love or looking to spice up your relationship this is a fun class for you. We will do a meditation, learn how to make a love potion, and make your own love herbs. Call to reserve your seat. $20.00

Runes and Cartomancy. You get the basics on how to read runes and cartomancy. In addition, you will make your own runes and be given your own set of cards. Cost $25.00

Psychometry is the ability to tune into the physical and emotional history of an object by touching it. Psychics have used this technique for years. You may have seen it be used on television to help solve cases, and find missing people. Cost: $20.00

You Can Heal Yourself Learn how to deal with stress and relax. There will be different breathing techniques, affirmations, meditation. In addition, you will make and decorate your own mirror. Cost: $25.00.

The magic of Fairies – discover the magic of faires. Learn what they are about and how they can help. In this class you will also make your own fairy garden. Cost: $30.00

Understanding about soul mates class – before you were born you wrote a contract establishing your relationships to assists with your life path. We will discuss blocks and complete exercises. We will also make love herbs and show how to bring a soulmate to you. Cost: $20.00

Crystal Grids Class Learn to make your own crystal grid. I will teach you how to make several different girds. During class you will make your own person grid in a feng shui style to take home. You will also be given handouts on how to make different grids. In addition, you will do a meditation in a grid. Cost $40.00 includes materials.

Candle Magic Learn how to set up your altar and preform candle magic to bring in balance and abundance. Receive a candle magic kit, cost $25.00

Tree of Life Class Learn more about The Tree of Life and create your own using crystals. The class will have lectures, meditation, and create a craft. Cost $30.00

Learn to create your own incenses: You will make five different types of incense for money, love, good health, blessing homes and career. In this class you will make incenses, receive recipes, and learn how to create your own recipe. $25.00

Annual mini Class pass includes: all mini’s and meditation classes with Lynn. *It does not include: ongoing classes, special events, or services. *Note cannot be replace with any other class. You are responsible to check calendar and keep track of classes you would like to attend.

All supplies are included. You must reserve your seat to guarantee a spot in the class.

More new classes will soon be added.

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I enjoyed my time visiting Spiritual Uplifts.The business was well stocked and the people is very knowledgeable and very friendly.I will visit again
Rene Valdes
I am very happy that I followed my intuition to go into spiritual uplifts. I believe it has taken me one step further in my own personal spiritual journey.
Jacky Nash
I have been here several times and it has always been wonderful. I love the shop and the people. Today, 11/11/21, I went in to look for some new tools and cards to work with over my long weekend. I was stuck between four different decks and I finally asked one of the girls to pick for me. She chose the deck in the photo and I am so grateful to her. It felt immediately right AND when I got home, cleansed them, and did a deck interview I cannot explain how connected and spit on it was immediately. Thank you! I’m sorry I don’t remember your name but I appreciate you for confirming and helping.
Margarety Montalvo
I had a wonderful Chakra healing session with Will. He is amazing. Thank God for people with divine interventions like his. 🙏👌❤️
michelle lanier
Love this store so much! Everyone is always so kind and helpful! Taylor and Sabrina are always eager to help with any questions i have! I will continue coming in!

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