Moldavite 1.1 grams


Guaranteed genuine moldavite.

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Moldavite is a rare, otherworldly combination of earth and stardust. A powerful stone of transformation, it instigates huge changes in your life, accelerating emotional and spiritual journeys to set you on the true path for your higher self. Diving deep into your soul, it illuminates the parts of you that need to be healed. While it can be overwhelming, it works towards your highest good.

Other properties of Moldavite:

  • Connects to the heart chakra
  • Enhances other stones
  • Increases psychic abilities like intuition and telepathy
  • Helps you receive messages by connecting you with your spirit guides
  • Gets rid of blockages
  • Protects against negative energies

Moldavite is an emerald-green glass or tektite that comes mainly from only one area of the world, the Bohemian region in the Czech Republic.

Fifteen million years ago, a large meteorite struck Germany, melting the surrounding rock and soil, forming molten glass that was ejected over 100 miles from the crater. The name Moldavite comes from the Moldau River in the Czech Republic.

Because it’s not of this Earth, there is only a limited supply. All our pieces are genuine from certified vendors.

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