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Monthly Horoscope - December 2018


Aries - Honor your need for personal space! Spa time.

Taurus - The energy around you gave you tunnel vision. Apologize if you need to.

Gemini - Strong emotions come in waves. You may need time to process them.

Cancer - If you have gotten out of sync with someone you will be able to reconnect.

Leo - You will meet someone this month. This is a soulmate bond. Could be a love interest or friendship.

Virgo - Avoid being around self-absorbed people. Stay Zen during the holidays.

Libra - Make sure you are not obsessive this holiday or things will be scattered.

Scorpio - This is the month for you to be in charge.

Sagittarius - Go with your gut feeling on whether you feel it’s a game or not.

Capricorn– You will be able to make your point this month in a nice way.

Aquarius - Manage your stress. Try not to take your anxiety out on others.

Pisces - There may be a spontaneous invitation this month.   

In 2018, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of:

November 17 to December 6 

During this time there are problems with communication, travel delays, contracts, automobiles, and electronics. Make sure all contracts are signed before.  Allow extra time for travel and avoid signing any contracts.  Try not to make any final decisions. 

Retrograde means moving in the opposite direction of flow.  That is why we feel out of sort during mercury in retrograde.  I usually load up on crystals that helps make the transition easy.  For instance, Cherry quartz is good for anxiety, vision, healing, Amazonite is a soothing stone good for seeing both sides and different points of view.  During this time I also journal.  Now that we are out of retrograde I will take my journal out and go over the lessons I made during the retrograde period.




Last month, we learned that the names of people, objects and things can help us understand the energy they give us. Figuring out the numerical value of the months of the year can often indicate the vibration of that specific month. It always fascinates me how the energy of the number relates to events that take place in that month.
We are now entering the month of December, the last month of the year. The letters in December equate to the number 1, which is the number for new beginnings. As we approach the end of this month, we will start thinking about what we want to accomplish in the New Year. Our resolutions.

For many, December is the time for the celebration of Yule. Interestingly, the numerical value of the word “Yule” is 9, the number of completion and celebration. It is also the number for compassion and generosity. Yule is a time of celebration and feasting, as well as giving back to others.

As we embark on our individual life cycles, we are rewarded in the ninth month for all of our hard work. De-cember is no different. This is a month of celebration for the effort put in throughout the year. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and spending time with loved ones. See you next year!

Kimberly Pritchard-Hastings 



“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”