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Monthly Horoscope - August 2018


Aries - Relationships should go well, but avoid lowering your standards.

Taurus– Stay calm and patient as you are given more responsibility.    

Gemini - The good stars this month will bring greater clarity and help resolve any confusion or misconceptions.

Cancer - The normal challenges and strains of life will seen to fade away.

Leo - Exciting opportunities for personal and professional success to improve your sense of security and stability.

Virgo - This is a good time for music, dancing art and going to the movies.

Libra - If life is feeling stagnated it’s a good time for a big change.

Scorpio - Beware of how your emotional state affects other people.      

Sagittarius– Meet new friends this month.  All relationships are balanced.  

Capricorn– You can find new ways of doing old things. 

Aquarius - Shop wisely this month.  Do not over do it.

Pisces - You feel generous and can also expect favors or some good for tune yourself.  



In 2018, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of: 

  • July 26 to August 19
  • November 17 to December 6 

During this time there are problems with communication, travel delays, contracts, automobiles, and electronics. Make sure all contracts are signed before.  Allow extra time for travel and avoid signing any contracts.  Try not to make any final decisions. 

Retrograde means moving in the opposite direction of flow.  That is why we feel out of sort during mercury in retrograde.  I usually load up on crystals that helps make the transition easy.  For instance, Cherry quartz is good for anxiety, vision, healing, Amazonite is a soothing stone good for seeing both sides and different points of view.  During this time I also journal.  Now that we are out of retrograde I will take my journal out and go over the lessons I made during the retrograde period.

Numerology with Kim 

As we reach the end of our numbers, I am once again amazed at how the Universe works for us. In July, the Universe provided us time for ourselves. This break wasn’t just a reward for all of our hard work, but a time to reenergize for the work to come. I hope everyone is feeling refreshed, because now it’s time to get motivated!

In order to finish our work for this cycle, August brings us the motivational energy of the number 8. This number is one of my favorite numbers because it is the number of success and ambition. The energy of 8 gives us the boost we need to finish what we set out to accomplish during this cycle.

Organization will be important this month, not only to finish your goals, but to prepare yourself for the next cycle. 8 is also the number of confidence, power and finances, making August a great month for making financial and other important decisions. Don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling more confident this month- just be careful that you don’t use this newfound power to intimate or dominate others.

I hope you all have a productive month!

“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”