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Monthly Horoscope - October 2018

Aries -   Be considerate towards people’s hearts.

Taurus - Do not make any commitments until retrograde ends.

Gemini -   Be more serious about how much time you spend with others.   

Cancer -  Allow family members to come to your first before you give them advise.   

Leo -   They may not be your bread and butter.  However they can help take the load off you. 

Virgo -  During the full moon is good time to make good with a friendship that went sour. 

Libra -   Honesty can include good intentions.  Make it good.  

Scorpio -  You radiate charm and people will find you.  

Sagittarius -  Something small breaks your way and later turns out to be something big.  

Capricorn–  New career or social opportunity makes your life much better.  

Aquarius -  If you feel stuck this is the time to perfect your approach and techniques. 

Pisces - Your happiness will be contagious, and people will see the beauty in you.    


In 2018, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of:

November 17 to December 6 

During this time there are problems with communication, travel delays, contracts, automobiles, and electronics. Make sure all contracts are signed before.  Allow extra time for travel and avoid signing any contracts.  Try not to make any final decisions. 

Retrograde means moving in the opposite direction of flow.  That is why we feel out of sort during mercury in retrograde.  I usually load up on crystals that helps make the transition easy.  For instance, Cherry quartz is good for anxiety, vision, healing, Amazonite is a soothing stone good for seeing both sides and different points of view.  During this time I also journal.  Now that we are out of retrograde I will take my journal out and go over the lessons I made during the retrograde period.

Numerology with Kim

Throughout this year we have explored the meanings and attributes of the main numbers of Numerology, 1-9. We learned that these numbers can play an important role in what we will accomplish and experience in this lifetime. Typically, when determining what particular number pertains to us, we reduce the numbers down until a single digit remains. At times, when reducing our numbers, repetitive numbers emerge. Some refer to these numbers as “Master Numbers.”

What are Master Numbers? A “Master Number” is a number that repeats in sequence, when calculating one’s life path number (11, 22, 33, etc.). The belief is that these numbers, in addition to having the energy of the reduced number, are highly charged and contain more potential than other numbers. The appearance of a “Master Number” in one’s life path indicates an opportunity for learning. However, these additional lessons often come by way of tests, stressful situations, and trials.

The most common “Master Number” is the number 11. A person with an 11/2 indicates someone who can bring spiritual awareness to others. Most 11s are teachers and peacemakers. (Remember that 2 is the number of cooperation.) A 22/4 life path is an individual who builds for the benefit for mankind. As you’ll recall, a 4 life path is a provider. Lastly, a 33/6 life path is someone who gives of themselves, bringing compassion and understanding to others.

It is important to note that the appearance of a “Master Number” in one’s life path calculation does not mean that one is superior to others. Rather, they have come into this lifetime to not only fulfill their contract, but also to help mankind.

Curious about your life path number? I will be offering numerology readings during our Halloween party on October 27th.


“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”