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Monthly Horoscope - April 2018


Aries: When interacting with others, the key is to listen.

Taurus: Reset relationship goals to set more balance in your life.

Gemini: You need patience, moderation, and research to choose the best opportunities.

Cancer: Rushed thinking can make you short-tempered and aggressive.

Leo: You will make new friends or go on a date with someone new.

Virgo: Your inner balance and focus means you will not be distracted from your plans.

Libra: There may be some distance or separation in close relationships.

Scorpio: You can enjoy increased sensitivity in sexual relations with your partner.

Sagittarius: Powerful forces are working behind the scenes to promote your higher level.

Capricorn: Confusion around communication. Slow down.

Aquarius: Big changes coming up this month. You will feel better.

Pisces: You might find yourself doing things twice. Review past work.


In 2018, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of:

  • March 23 to April 15
  • July 26 to August 19
  • November 17 to December 6

During this time there are problems with communication, travel delays, contracts, automobiles, and electronics. Make sure all contracts are signed before.  Allow extra time for travel and avoid signing any contracts.  Try not to make any final decisions.

Retrograde means moving in the opposite direction of flow.  That is why we feel out of sort during mercury in retrograde.  I usually load up on crystals that helps make the transition easy.  For instance, Cherry quartz is good for anxiety, vision, healing, Amazonite is a soothing stone good for seeing both sides and different points of view.  During this time I also journal.  How that we are out of retrograde I will take my journal out and go over lessons I made during the retrograde period.

Numerology with Kim

I hope everyone had an enjoyable month exploring their creative side and expressing themselves. The     Universe provided us this break in order to rest up for the work to be done this month.

April brings us the motivational energy of the number 4, which is the number of organization, discipline and hard work. Now that Spring Break is over, students are back at school, making the final push towards finishing the school year. Others are striving to finish important tasks before the summer holiday begins. This is also the time of year most people begin “Spring Cleaning.”

With this hard work comes the risk of being overwhelmed, which can lead to procrastination and laziness. Since we know that this will be a productive month, make a plan to keep yourself on track and calm,    knowing that your hard work will be rewarded.  Four also brings the energy of consistency, so focus on keeping up your normal routine. This is not the month to make big changes: that time will come soon.


“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”