Our Healers

Lynn Mumford/Pritchard

Reiki Master, Minster, Psychic Medium 

Lynn is the owner of Spiritual Uplifts. Her first attunement was at the age of 15 years old. Later in 2006, she redid her attunements completing all three with certifications. As the years have gone by, she studied more about Crystal Healings, Esoteric Healing, and cord cutting. She now incorporates these techniques in her sessions. She incorporates methods such as healing intuitively and assisting people with clearing their past experiences that may be affecting their lives now.

Energy Healing: Crystal Session

A private energy healing crystal session with Lynn includes a 30-minute treatment with Reiki, crystals, cord-cutting, and ends with a 20-minute waterfall meditation. The treatment releases negative emotional energy that can affect the body making it feel distorted. After a private session with her, you will feel lighter and more balanced. (Reiki Master, Crystal Healer)

Half-Hour Session – $90.00
1 Hour Session – $145.00

Soul Coaching Package

One-on-one soul coaching to give you instrumental information for this life journey that will allow you to expand, flourish and thrive.  Lynn will begin with a soul and clairvoyant reading.  Depending on your needs, Lynn will utilize affirmations, tapping and reiki healing along with chakra balancing, cutting cords and removing blockages.

5 One-Hour Sessions – $550.00 (Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment per week for 5 consecutive weeks)

Extended Soul Coaching Package

Total of 5 additional sessions with lynn including new meditaitons, past life work, sound bath, crystal healing and unlimited sessions on our crystal light bed. Starts off with commitment letter and spiritual readings. *Only available to those that have previously taken a Soul Coaching package.

Cost: $333.00 (Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment per week for 5 consecutive weeks)

7-Day Intensive Healing Package

An energetic overhaul to assist you in taking your power back.  This package is a high-level focus on your 7 energy centers.  Lynn will balance and align your chakras, clear all blockages and cords, center all chakras, implement sound and color therapy.

7 One-Hour Sessions – $499.00 (Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment per week for 7 consecutive weeks) 

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I enjoyed my time visiting Spiritual Uplifts.The business was well stocked and the people is very knowledgeable and very friendly.I will visit again
Rene Valdes
I am very happy that I followed my intuition to go into spiritual uplifts. I believe it has taken me one step further in my own personal spiritual journey.
Jacky Nash
I have been here several times and it has always been wonderful. I love the shop and the people. Today, 11/11/21, I went in to look for some new tools and cards to work with over my long weekend. I was stuck between four different decks and I finally asked one of the girls to pick for me. She chose the deck in the photo and I am so grateful to her. It felt immediately right AND when I got home, cleansed them, and did a deck interview I cannot explain how connected and spit on it was immediately. Thank you! I’m sorry I don’t remember your name but I appreciate you for confirming and helping.
Margarety Montalvo
I had a wonderful Chakra healing session with Will. He is amazing. Thank God for people with divine interventions like his. 🙏👌❤️
michelle lanier
Love this store so much! Everyone is always so kind and helpful! Taylor and Sabrina are always eager to help with any questions i have! I will continue coming in!

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