Message From Lynn

Message from Lynn 

February 1, 2024

Make your dreams a reality.
Have you ever considered creating a vision board to help you achieve your goals for the new year? It’s like a personal contract you make with yourself. One year, my daughter and I took some time to make our vision boards, putting together images and words that represented our goals and aspirations. And to our surprise, it was an incredible feeling when everything on the board came true. Looking back on my vision board from last year, I was amazed to see that everything on it had happened, including the achievement of owning my building for my business. It just goes to show that setting your intentions and visualizing success can truly make a difference.”

“Creating a vision board is easier for me because sometimes I can manifest what I desire, but at other times, life’s challenges get in the way, and I forget how to do it. However, when I have a vision board, things happen without me consciously thinking about them. Join me on this journey.”  Join us for the vision board class on Saturday, February 10th.

Love you all Lynn

Happy Valentines day!



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I enjoyed my time visiting Spiritual Uplifts.The business was well stocked and the people is very knowledgeable and very friendly.I will visit again
Rene Valdes
I am very happy that I followed my intuition to go into spiritual uplifts. I believe it has taken me one step further in my own personal spiritual journey.
Jacky Nash
I have been here several times and it has always been wonderful. I love the shop and the people. Today, 11/11/21, I went in to look for some new tools and cards to work with over my long weekend. I was stuck between four different decks and I finally asked one of the girls to pick for me. She chose the deck in the photo and I am so grateful to her. It felt immediately right AND when I got home, cleansed them, and did a deck interview I cannot explain how connected and spit on it was immediately. Thank you! I’m sorry I don’t remember your name but I appreciate you for confirming and helping.
Margarety Montalvo
I had a wonderful Chakra healing session with Will. He is amazing. Thank God for people with divine interventions like his. 🙏👌❤️
michelle lanier
Love this store so much! Everyone is always so kind and helpful! Taylor and Sabrina are always eager to help with any questions i have! I will continue coming in!

"Enjoy, feel good and live for today"