Message From Lynn

Message from Lynn

May 1,  2022

“Don’t worry about mistakes.”

I received an email from a woman named Rosa. According to her, she feels blocked because she keeps thinking about the mistakes she made in the past, which prevents her from moving forward.

Each of us makes mistakes, and we are all responsible for those mistakes. At the same time, we all learn from our mistakes and achieve success by doing things differently. Sometimes it takes us more than one attempt to realize this. Of course, for some, it’s easier said than done. It is normal to make mistakes over, and over again, but if you keep doing this, then you can demoralize yourself and send yourself on a rollercoaster of negative emotions, such as regret, shame, and self-blame. In reality, we are only human. Mistakes are inevitable.

The main thing we change about a mistake is how we think about it. For instance, instead of thinking about what occur think about how you can forgive yourself and focus on the good things in life. Below are some tips to help:


  • Accept your mistakes and learn to accept yourself. No one is perfect, and you can’t change who you were or what you did in the past.
  • Stop worrying. It doesn’t mean that if you accept yourself, you let your mistakes get away from you. Instead, it can be used to motivate oneself to become a better person in the future.
  • If you hurt someone, you should sincerely apologize to them. You may even attempt to forgive yourself and focus on the positive aspects of your life.

I am currently dealing with a similar situation. A woman warned me about a person years ago. At the time, I thought she was being mean, but now I realize I should have listened to her. Even so, I realize it was a good time for me to learn as I do not want to repeat the same mistake with my future plans.

Be optimistic about your mistakes! After all, they have made you who you are today!

Love you all Lynn



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