Message From Lynn

Message from Lynn

August 1,  2022

Communication with Spirit

When I am communicating with Spirit, I am speaking with my guides. Everyone has guides that they have been assigned to them at birth, and they can only help if you ask. In addition to Guardian Angels, we now have Master Ascended given to us. Your guides usually introduce themselves one by one if you haven’t connected with them yet. Communication with Spirit becomes clear during an awakening, although we are consistently evolving during our spiritual development through more than one awakening. 

Communication with Spirit is just like praying. When I communicate with spirits, I speak out loud, use cards, or ask for signs. If you ask them to show you, they will do so in a way that you will understand. I was driving once, thinking about a decision I needed to make. I asked Spirit to show me a number 5 if the answer to my question was yes, and a number 6 if the answer was no. I then added, “Please show it from the angels.” I stopped at a red light, looked to my left, and saw a sign “Heavenly 5” on the side of a truck. So my answer was “Yes.” 

I recently contemplated inviting someone new to come and work with me. I asked Spirit to show me what it would be like. My initial reaction to what they showed me was shocking, and I began to understand what Spirit was showing me immediately. I am not sure why I never did this in the past when hiring. I guess it’s like being a mechanic who never works on their car, lol .

Next, I asked Spirit if investing in a building was the right decision. Earlier this week, I had an incident affecting my store, but many people came to my rescue. The incident helped me to realize how many people were behind me. 

Having a relationship with your guides is a beautiful thing. Use a pendulum or oracle cards to get to know your guides. If you need assistance finding any of my products, the girls up front at my store can help. 

Be patient if you can’t see or hear them, sometimes they just send you a message in a way you understand. The more you communicate, the stronger it will become. The more you communicate with Spirit, the sooner you will understand the signs.  

Love you all, Lynn.




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