Message From Lynn

Message from Lynn

March 1, 2023

Three natural medicines


According to researchers, dancing improves our mood and creates balance by teaching us how to move our bodies to a musical beat.  It reminds me of the time I had two employees who kept fighting with one another.  Every day, they exchanged nasty looks and said mean things about each other. One day, I reached a breaking point with them.   I walked them into the event room and told them to dance to Steve Wonder.  As one of the girls said I don’t dance, I told her anyone could dance to Steve Wonder, and I left the room.  As soon as I returned, they were both dancing and laughing together.  After that day, they became friends, and they never argued again.   


A smile is so powerful that it makes others around you smile too.  Human nature tends to react more to what people do than they say.  For example, if I laugh when telling people about a lousy day, they will laugh along with me, while if I frown, they will feel sorry for me.  Utilize nature as medicine to make you happy by figuring out what makes you smile.  Whenever I have a bad day, I text my daughter or daughter-in-law and ask for pictures of my grandbabies to cheer me up.


In the past, I could only sleep for a couple of hours a night.  At the time, I thought I didn’t need much sleep, and I could not have been more wrong.  Your body needs at least 7 hours of sleep at night.  Sleep is not just for resting; it helps with weight loss, mental health, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and more.  My sleep improved when I cut back on caffeine, exercised early in the morning, and stopped eating sugar snacks before bed.  I wake up after 5 hours.  While this is an improvement, I try laying there for two more hours in hopes that I may fall back asleep.
One night, I had so much mind chatter that I couldn’t sleep.  So, I asked spirit for help.  My spiritual guide told me to put my hand over my mouth and close my eyes while breathing through my nose to stop the mind chatter.  (If it works for you, let me know in the comments below.)  

All three natural medicines, dance, smile, and sleep, release endorphins and improve the immune system.  Your body’s natural feel-good chemicals are inexpensive and give you a healthy, happy life.

Love you all, Lynn


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I enjoyed my time visiting Spiritual Uplifts.The business was well stocked and the people is very knowledgeable and very friendly.I will visit again
Rene Valdes
I am very happy that I followed my intuition to go into spiritual uplifts. I believe it has taken me one step further in my own personal spiritual journey.
Jacky Nash
I have been here several times and it has always been wonderful. I love the shop and the people. Today, 11/11/21, I went in to look for some new tools and cards to work with over my long weekend. I was stuck between four different decks and I finally asked one of the girls to pick for me. She chose the deck in the photo and I am so grateful to her. It felt immediately right AND when I got home, cleansed them, and did a deck interview I cannot explain how connected and spit on it was immediately. Thank you! I’m sorry I don’t remember your name but I appreciate you for confirming and helping.
Margarety Montalvo
I had a wonderful Chakra healing session with Will. He is amazing. Thank God for people with divine interventions like his. 🙏👌❤️
michelle lanier
Love this store so much! Everyone is always so kind and helpful! Taylor and Sabrina are always eager to help with any questions i have! I will continue coming in!

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