Message From Lynn

Message from Lynn

December 1,  2022

The Holly King and The Oak King

A beautiful goddess of nature gives birth to twin boys representing different aspects of the same being.   The first child is lively and full of warmth, while the second is dark and cold.  As a result, they fought for supremacy over the seasons, splitting them into two halves.  
The dark & cold child becomes the Holly King, who rules the waning year from Midsummer to Yule, and the lively and full of warmth child becomes the Oak King, who rules the waxing year from Yule to Midsummer. 
The Holly King represents the darkness, mysteries, and inner knowledge, and the Oak King represents light, growth, wealth, and expansion.  The battle between the Kings is to win the crown of the year at Yule; when one loses, it is not defeat, just a time of rest.

The Holly King rules winter.  Besides wearing red clothing, he has a beard and hat covered in ice.   He is usually followed by a pack of deer.  (Sound familiar, lol.)  The Oak King rules summer.  Despite his long beard, he wears a Holly crown, and his clothes are green.    
Throughout the year, the kings represent light and darkness.  Burning candles at this time of year is the most powerful.  Winter Solstice rituals include lighting black and white candles to honor seasonal changes which bring transformation and rebirth.          

Don’t miss our Christmas party.  Love you all, Lynn.




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