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September’s Monthly Insight

Kimberly Hastings, SepteHello September Images - Free Download on Freepikmber 1, 2023 

September is derived from the Latin word for seven, Septem. In the early Roman calendar, September was the seventh month of the year until the addition of July and August.

September 3, 2023  is World Goddess Day, first recognized in 2014 as a day to pay tribute to the Goddess and to connect us to our true selves. It came to being by Brazilian author Claudiney Prieto, and is observed on the first Sunday of September because the number nine is connected to the Goddess. There are many different Goddesses to honor, as many cultures and religions have their own Goddess to worship. We can honor the Goddess of our choosing by creating an altar that includes that Goddess’ sacred stones or by completing a ritual to awaken our inner goddess.

September 21st begins the Pagan festival of Mabon. Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals celebrated throughout the year. Mabon is referred to as “Pagan Thanksgiving,” observed near the Autum equinox and gives us the opportunity to show gratitude.

Virgo continues reign until September 22nd, when Libra takes over on the 23rd, encouraging cooperation and peace to balance our lives. September’s birth flowers are the Aster and the Moring Glory. While both flowers represent love and affection, the Aster represents achievement and wisdom, while the Morning Glory is a symbol of patience. September’s birthstone is Sapphire, a stone of truth and faithfulness. In Ancient Greece, Sapphire was the stone of royalty, as they believed sapphires protected them against harm and envy. In medieval times, Sapphire was believed to cure eye diseases and to be an antidote for poisoning. Today, Sapphire helps us to express our thoughts and inner feelings. It is an excellent stone for those suffering from insomnia, depression and mood swings.

Spiritual Uplifts Magical Moon for September

By Kimberly Hastings, September 1, 2023

The full moon for September is known as the Harvest Moon, due to its proximity to the Fall Equinox. This unique full moon rises around the same time for several days, giving farmers extra hours of moonlight to finish their harvest. There are several other names for the September Full Moon. The Cree tribe called it the “Autumn Moon,” while the Ojibwe referred to it as the “Falling Leaves Moon.” All of these names are centered around the time of year that the leaves begin to change and the weather becomes cooler.

                                        Moon Phase   Date & Time of Day

                                   Last Quarter: September 6th 6:21 PM EST

                                   New Moon: September 14th 9:40 PM EST

                                 First Quarter: September 22nd  3:32 PM EST

                                    Full Moon: September 29th 5:58 AM EST

Full Moon Ritual for Mabon

Mabon is a time to slow down our pace and focus on our end goals, shed any negativity holding us back and expressing gratitude for the abundance of Mother Earth. This ritual allows us to balance ourselves by recognizing our accomplishments and letting go of what no longer serves us, opening our path to success.

 You will need the following:

  • 2 white or black candles; Yerba Santa Sage; Cinnamon candle; Citrine oil; Amber or Walnut Jasper;
  • Journal and pen if desired

First, decorate your altar with symbols of the Harvest season (Cornucopia, corn, pumpkins, sunflowers, red, gold or green altar cloth, etc.) When you are finished, cleanse your space with the Yerba Santa smudge. Yerba Santa not only protects, but helps release emotional attachments. Next, set up your altar by placing the two white candles at the top of your altar, one on the left and the other on the right, with the Cinnamon candle in the middle. Cinnamon brings mental clarity and motivation to get things moving. Place your crystal(s) furthest to the left end of the altar. Amber draws out negative energy, aiding healing of all types and manifestation. Walnut Jasper increases endurance, giving you the courage to face unpleasant tasks.

Anoint yourself with the citrine oil to help bring focus and a clear mind. If you would like, you can take your journal and write down all you feel you need to release from, and what you are most grateful for. When you are ready, take your crystal(s) in your hand and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and inhale deeply, then slowly release. As you breath in and out, imagine yourself walking along a wooded path lined with trees with vibrant autumn leaves. As you walk,  you see your obstacles that you wish to release. Each time you exhale, imagine one of those blockages being pulled off the path and disappearing into the woods. In its place is a symbol of harvest. When you have reached the end of your path, there is a long table decorated for fall. In the center is a beautiful cornucopia filled with harvest.  Place the items you picked up into the cornucopia and thank Mother Earth for generosity for all you have received and will receive. Take a final breath then open your eyes and thank the Universe once more.

Finish your ritual with a meal full of harvested items such as root vegetables, corn, apples, etc. Share with a loved one and take turns saying what you are grateful for. Anoint yourself regularly with your Citrine oil and carry your crystal(s) with you to continue the energies.

Spiritual Uplifts Goddess Ritual

By Lynn Pritchard, September 1, 2023

                              Honoring the Goddess Full Moon Ritual

This ritual helps us to connect with our inner goddess, celebrating what makes us unique and magical.

You will need the following: White Sage & Cinnamon Bundle; Wild Gypsy Candle; Garnet Crystal;  2 White Candles; Paper and Pen.

First, cleanse your space using the white sage and cinnamon mix. This bundle removes negativity, while increasing positive energy flow in your space. For an additional boost, spray Ritual Mist to prepare your altar for the ritual. Next, set up your altar by placing the two white candle at the top of your altar, one on the left and the other on the right, with the Wild Gypsy candle in the middle. Place your crystal furthest to the left end of the altar. Garnet is the crystals connected to several different Goddesses and awakens our personal power and life force. Light your white candles to call in your protection, then take your paper and write down all the things about yourself that makes you feel powerful. As your Wild Gypsy candle burns, read your list to yourself and embrace the strong person you are. When you are finished, take your crystal and carry it with you.

Goddess Bath Ritual

Honoring the Goddess, bless yourself with a full moon bath.

You will need: Sage & Lavender Smudge; Triple Goddess Oil; 4 Carnations; Moonstone Crystal.

Clear the space with sage and lavender mix. Diffuse Triple Goddess oil or add to your bath water to attract the Goddess. Place three carnations in the bath and take one carnation , put it in a vase and set it next to your soap. The soap will collect the essence of the flower creating beauty and softening the fragrance of the soap. Place a moonstone crystal next to the bath. As you wash in the bath feel the moonlight connect you to the goddess energy. The Goddess teaches you to love and care about self, others, and the divine. Wash all negative energy away, leaving you feeling health, pure, refreshed and ready to increase the power within you.

Spiritual Uplifts Monthly Study

  By Kim Hastings September 1, 2023

Book: HedgeWitch: Spells, Crafts,  Rituals for Natural Magick by Silver RavenWolf. This guide contains 14 lessons to improve your connection with the Earth’s energy and how to use the elements of nature to improve your magical practice and spellwork. Use RavenWolf’s rituals in a group setting or alone for a more personal connection to nature.

Oil: Rosemary Essential Oil: There are several benefits of Rosemary oil. Use on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Relieves pain and joint inflammation and increases circulation and respiratory function. The scent not only repels bugs, but when used in aromatherapy can ease stress and nervousness, as well as boost mental activity and fight fatigue. Incorporate in your magical work during spells for protection, purification and love.

**Oil may be neurotoxic based on camphor content.

Herb: Yarrow: Yarrow is useful in many ways. As a tea, it eases stomach cramps and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. As a salve, it can help heal skin wounds and eczema. Magically, Yarrow is used to set boundaries and ensure happy relationships. Burn to cleanse and protect yourself and your environment.

**Not for use in pregnancy except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Persons with allergies to other members of the Asteraceae family should exercise caution with yarrow, as allergic cross-reactivity is common in Asteraceae plants. Processed in a facility that also produces tree nuts. Tree nut fragments may be occasionally present

**This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

Crystal: Autumn Jasper:  This unique type of jasper, known as the “spotted stone” is a powerful healing crystal that invites relaxation during times of stress. Grounds and supports, reminding us to be grateful to be alive, rather than just surviving. Speeds up the healing process and helpful for those with thyroid issues.

All Spiritual Uplifts Essential oils and herbs are certified organic. 

All crystals are handpicked and purchased by licensed vendors. 

Spiritual Uplifts Monthly Grid

Crystal Grid for Mabon: The Autumn Equinox

By Amanda Dublo September 1, 2023

Step 1: Begin by setting intention of connecting with your higher consciousness through meditation.

Step 2: Burn sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the energy in your space.

Step 3: Place a crystal generator of your choice in the center of your grid. Light colored crystals like Clear Quartz are preferred.

Step 4: Using a cloth or wood grid, create two diagonal lines forming a “X” around the generator using the crystals below.

  • Amethyst: Use Amethyst to help create and find balance in your life. It is fantastic for anxiety, depression, and irritability relief. This stone can also alleviate sadness and grief, dissolve negativity and help those that suffer from insomnia. It activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enhances psychic abilities and protection.
  • Cassiterite: Carry this crystal with you to limit negative energy and emotions. Cassiterite helps you to view circumstances objectively, understand why they happened, and make way for compassion and forgiveness. It is beneficial for people who sacrifice their needs for others. This is a crystal that can support you through transitions of all kinds.
  • Citrine: This is an amazing stone to bring stability and accord into your life. Citrine is a stone of abundance and positivity that is excellent for achieving success, confidence, clear-mindedness, and carries the energy with which to pursue your goals.
  • Goldstone: Let Goldstone open you up to new opportunities as well as creativity and confidence. It is an ambition stone that is protective and powerful. Use it for grounding, to rid negative thoughts, balance the chakras or to connect with the Earth’s healing vibrations.
  • Green Aventurine: This prosperity stone is known as the “Bringer of Good Luck”. It balances masculine and feminine energies, promotes new beginnings and is a comforter and heart healer. Also, it is known to absorb electromagnetic smog and guard against environmental pollution.
  • Red Jasper: This jasper is a stone of endurance. It is perfect for physical and mental protection, passion, emotional balance and to activate and align the chakras. An excellent stone for dream recall, carrying or sleeping with a red jasper can be beneficial in remembering your dreams.
  • Tiger’s Eye: This is a stone of protection. It is great for grounding and stability, which allows you to explore deeper levels of spiritual consciousness. Tiger’s Eye promotes inner strength and courage, self-esteem and helps one to achieve a more active approach to life.

Step 5: Speak out loud your intentions to activate your grid.

Crystals and grid pads sold at Spiritual Uplifts

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Kimberly Hastings September 1, 2023

September is a 7 Universal Month, representing knowledge, intuition, and mystery and bringing a quest for knowledge and heightening our metaphysical connections.

This month, our focus shifts from the needs of others to prioritizing ourselves.  The 7 is independent energy, encouraging us to embrace solitude and organize our thoughts and goals without outside influence or interference.  This is the perfect time to practice self-care and reflect on our progress thus far, as the 7 energy encourages us to scope the situation before making any conclusions. Rather than take things at face value, we will be more inclined to investigate and gather all information before rendering a decision to bring success.

Additionally, as the 9th month of the year, September brings the energy of completion and releasing. Take the time to reflect and release what is holding you back from your end goals. This could be a person or emotions that you are holding on to. You will find by letting to of unhealthy emotions will reap rewards.


Monthly Horoscope-September 2023

Aries: Expect to experience some significant changes, but don’t allow them to dim your shine.

Taurus: Finding the balance between your increased responsibilities with spending time with loved ones will reap rewards.

Gemini: Investing time in your personal relationships will bring structure to your work life.

Cancer: Your attention to detail is crucial this month. Do not lose focus on what is truly important to you.  

Leo: Stand by your beliefs and principles. Your intuition will point you in the right direction.

Virgo: Avoid challenges and unnecessary stress. Focusing on yourself will manifest happiness and success.

Libra: Acknowledgement of your perceived shortcomings is essential for overall growth.

Scorpio: Your vibrant spirit and joyous attitude draws in success and abundance.

Sagittarius: Your practical outlook and realistic approach to challenges yields tangible results.

Capricorn: Reconnecting with your true values brings intellectual and spiritual growth.

Aquarius: A rise to your self-esteem and self-worth invites the respect of others. Take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Pisces: Your everyday relationships are the priority. Time to let your guard down and embrace being a social butterfly.

 Mercury in Retrograde 2023

 December 28, 2022 to January 18th

April 21st to May 14th

August 23rd to September 14th

December 13th to January 1, 2024

What to do when Mercury is in Retrograde.  The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.  This type of influence depends on your zodiac.

Aries: Reconfiguration of workplace relationships

Taurus: Issues with relationships.

Gemini: Un-clear real-estate.

Cancer: Misunderstandings in relationships.

Leo: This is a period for revisiting some issues with money.

Virgo: Redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way.

Libra: You will feel like you need to isolate yourself.

Scorpio: Avoid complaints from superiors.  

Sagittarius: Before you make decisions think of the consequences.

Capricorn: Revise education at this time.

Aquarius: Pay attention to financial agreements.

Pisces: Be cautious, Ex-partners return.

"Enjoy, feel good and live for today"