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January’s Monthly Insight

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By Peyton Moore-Woods January 1, 2020

As one year ends and another begins, January is the month of fresh starts and rebirth. It is named after the Roman god Janus, the god of transitions, doorways, beginnings, and passages. He is usually depicted with two faces. One is turned back to reflect upon the past, while the other is gazing forward at the future. The ancient Romans would call upon the spirit of Janus when they planned out their goals for the new year, as he helped them consider what happened in the past so that they could create a better future. 

January’s birthstone is the garnet. Garnets can be used as a protective stone while traveling. They inspire feelings of strength and love, and are wonderful to keep by your side when dealing with troubling times. This month’s birth flowers are snowdrops and carnations. These flowers symbolize deep love and rebirth. Capricorn gives way to Aquarius on January 20. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the year of the Rat. The rat symbolizes industrious hard work.

Spiritual Uplifts Magical Moon for        January

By Sydney Anteau January 1, 2020

January’s full moon is the “Wolf Moon” otherwise known as the “Old Moon” or the “Moon after Yule.” During the cold months of winter wolves would howl outside giving January’s full moon its namesake. There is some debate over whether the name has Native American or Angelo Saxon origins.

                            First Quarter: January 2nd, at 11:46 pm EST
                            Full Moon: January 10th, at 2:23 pm EST
                            Last Quarter: January 17th, at 8:00 am EST
                            New Moon: January 22nd, at 4:44 pm EST 


Releasing Negativity Ritual

During the Wolf moon it’s a good time to release what is holding you back like a wolf howling at the moon. This ritual could be used from anything from releasing yourself from a bad break up or a negative mindset.

Start by burning a mixture of comfrey leaf and mugwort to aid in letting go of unhealthy relationships that no longer serve you or jasmine incense to amplify your ritual during this moon.

Take a black candle and hold it to your chest, picturing it pouring all of your unwanted energy into the candle. Remove it from your chest then light it. Allow the candle to burn all the way down, taking away the energy you put into the candle.

Monthly study at Spiritual Uplifts for January

 By Peyton Moore-Woods January 1, 2020

Crystal: Blue Lace Agate helps you express your emotions and remain calm during stressful interactions. It soothes public speaking fears, aids with healing the throat chakra, and is a great stone to keep in the home for its calm energy.

Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: In this updated version of the classic bestseller, Hill guides his readers to prosperity and financial security. In his thirteen-step formula, he details leadership skills, advice on moving up in one’s career, and psychological insight into our mindset with money. It’s a fantastic read for anyone looking to start their new year with new goals for more growth.

Oil: This sweet scented oil helps lift up your energies when you’re in need of a boost. It also helps with asthma, bronchitis, stomach pain, and nausea.

Herb:  Chickweed: Chickweed is a nutritious herb with versatile medicinal purposes. Traditionally, it is used as a weight loss supplement, as it’s a diuretic and helps with detoxifying the body. It can also be used as a poultice for irritated skin, sore muscles, burns, and rashes. Because it is an anti inflammatory that soothes the digestive system, it is a recommended home remedy for flu season. An infusion of the dried herb helps with sore throats and coughs.

Monthly Quote

Researched by Donna Long January 1, 2020

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”      -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Crystal Light Bed and Bio-Mat

Heals: Emotional blockages, headaches, negative thinking, helps with blood pressure, joint pain, weight loss, decrease stress & fatigue…and much more.

Call to set your appointment today.

Sessions: 1/2 hour/$45.00, 45 mins/$60.00, 1 hour/$80.00

Discount packages: 




Video Aura Camera

This aura camera is high tech featuring Aura color analysis and bio-feed back, which focuses on your physical and spiritual well-being. It will show any blockages and personality traits. Knowing only your base Aura color gives you an in-depth look into your core beliefs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual behaviors and patterns.


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Marjorie Robinson
Marjorie Robinson
19:47 30 Dec 19
It would have been great if the website on Google had the correct business hours so I didn't drive 45 minutes to arrive to find out the stores closed on Mondays.
julia ann
julia ann
02:11 22 Aug 19
Went In looking for some Crystal's and came out with learning a few things with my rocks and Crystal's. Super friendly store. Will deffinaly be going back!
John Nevaquaya
John Nevaquaya
09:11 16 Jul 19
Nice little store and friendly staff. I stopped in to browse and they answered all the questions I had. I ended up buying a beautiful blue crystal that looks awesome on my dining table.
rubito gt
rubito gt
18:21 14 Jun 19
Awesome place and great people. Great selection of crystals, Tarot and Oracles cards and candles. They also have a library with a big selection of books to help you in your spiritual journey.
James Hastings
James Hastings
01:50 14 Jun 19
Great store, friendly staff and a huge selection of crystals and products to help find inner spirituality, healing and peace. Especially with the high stress job I have and people you have to deal with at work. It's a refreshing venue to visit, recommend to all my friends.
sarah sherk
sarah sherk
00:15 14 Jun 19
This is one of my favorite places to shop. I wish I could give this store 100 stars! The owner & Staff are all kind and knowledgeable and willing to help you with questions about their products. They have the best selection of crystals, books, jewelry and other wonderful services they offer. I buy all my necklaces and stones from here! If you are looking for a crystal shop that has great energy and great people, this is the place for you!
Dennis L.
Dennis L.
22:47 13 Jun 19
Friendly staff, unique courses/events and a very nice selection of crystals. Great place!! Highly recommended 🙂
Christina Metcalf
Christina Metcalf
22:56 11 Jun 19
What a wonderful store!! All the staff here is absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable. They have many classes, I personally have taken the crystal class and tarot 1 and 2. The store is clean, organized and the energy is so welcoming. There’s also a cute little girl there on some days who will pick a crystal for you and is pretty accurate! You’ll leave feeling like family. ❤️
Angie Rodriguez
Angie Rodriguez
19:19 18 Apr 19
This place is everything!! Hope, thank you for such a great experience and the kind staff. 💛
Vera Lang
Vera Lang
23:20 17 Feb 19
Very much Love everything about this place. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Love coming in and feeling better everytime I walk out of there. My reading with Lynn was Amazing!! She made a believer out of me. Thank you!
matt weatherly
matt weatherly
23:08 17 Feb 19
Absolutely amazing place! There is a reason its rated 5.0 stars. They are so helpful and really take their time to make sure you are taken care of. Everyone who works there is very gifted and its great that they are so kind to share their talents. Highly highly recommend this place!
Sheri Freshour
Sheri Freshour
19:44 09 Feb 19
Ditto what everyone else says. I just had a wonderful reading and everyone was so nice. Looking forward to future visits
18:04 09 Feb 19
I love this place. The ladies that work there are so welcoming and the energy there is nice. If you have any questions or concerns they are more than happy to help you or give you guidance. 😊❤
Sarah Justice
Sarah Justice
02:31 11 Mar 18
Every crystal you can think of! Such a lovely place. Cards and more... i can never leave without purchasing a new treasure (those amethyst rune stones will be mine someday). You feel the light and welcoming atmosphere immediately. Lynn's healing is amazing. Amethyst light bed is very relaxing.
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler
15:52 17 Jan 18
Spiritual Uplifts is an amazing store! So beautiful, neat, well organized & thought out the young lady @ the front was so kind & personable they have gained a loyal client for life! How awesome is it that they actually educate clients!!!
loretta watkins
loretta watkins
00:12 29 Nov 17
I love this store and. Lynn. She is always so helpful and her staff is great. I love the stones I buy and the calming atmosphere. One day I hope to take a class for meditation and tarot. I am happy for the growth Lynn has it means she is right on. I plan to book again as soon as I can get an appointment. I've been coming for 2 years because I believe in her gift and she makes me feel like I am more than just a customer booking her time but as a friend. She Brings comfort and familiarity to our appointments.
Stephie L
Stephie L
23:24 29 Sep 17
Extremely nice. I went in there as a naive person who stumbled upon a YouTube video as I was searching for reasons for my throat complications (which were not western medicine sickness). She was so kind and graceful as she talked me. She even did a healing ritual right there on the spot, which made the weird sensation go away.
Amanda Chadwick
Amanda Chadwick
01:38 06 Sep 17
Lynn is the most special, gifted and welcoming person I've come to meet. Her shop has the most amazing vibes and feelings when you walk in. It makes you feel at home and immediately at peace. Spiritual Uplifts and their family have helped me in more ways than I can explain. Thank you to Spiritual Uplifts and the family for being so kind, compassionate, welcoming, and helping me in so many ways.
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 Kimberly Pritchard-Hastings January 1, 2020

 Welcome to 2020! I hope everyone had a safe holiday and are as excited as I am that a new year is upon us.

2020 will bring the energy of the number 4, the number of hard work and planning.
Throughout the year, you will be making plans, taking action and building the foundation for what you want to accomplish. The energy of the 4 will give you the strength you need to get the job done, so be sure to take advantage of it.

January 2020 is a 5 Universal Month and brings the energy of change and transition.
The universe is always speaking to us and this month it brings us a clear message: We
will need to accept change in order to progress with our goals. Remember that you
can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. The Universe is telling us
this month that if we have become stuck, we need to change our approach and be
open to change.




Expand your horizons, experience new things. Monthly Horoscope - January

Aries: Control your impulses at a social event for good results.

Taurus: Hurting someone is feelings will not make you feel better.

Gemini: You will attract the attention of those in charge.

Cancer: From the 10th to 13th its is essential to know where you
are an what you want.

Leo: It’s time to remove blockages that keep you under pressure.

Virgo: A trip helps you to evolve spiritually

Libra: Face a deadline with family, and increase responsibilities.

Scorpio: Reassure others that you are fine and can handle this
on your own.

Sagittarius: What you want will change or move the rules that
govern your daily routine.

Capricorn: Manipulation leads to misunderstandings that can
break relationships.

Aquarius: Control your moods or they can create an unwanted loss.

Pisces: Your desire to control could hurt your plans.

In 2019, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of:  

March 5th to March 28th (In Pisces) at this time when mercury is in retrograde it will interfere with communications and intellect.  Jobs will be stressful.  Relationships can have issues. 

July 8th (in Leo) to August 1st (in Cancer) In Leo this will stop daily communication.  Delay any purchases of appliances, tools or anything linked to transport, contract signing or partnership.  

October 31st to November 31st (Scorpio) Scorpio brings lies, breach of contracts and time of discovery in things we have forgotten. 


“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”