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April’s Monthly Insight


By Peyton Moore-Woods April 1, 2020 

Here comes the sun! Springtime is in full effect as we enter April. It’s a month of blossoming as flowers begin to bloom and our energy feels rejuvenated. The name is derived from the Latin word aperire, meaning “to open.” April is associated with two main goddesses. Ancient Romans honored the goddess of Venus (also known as Aphrodite). She ruled over love and beauty. The Germanic goddess of spring and rebirth Ēostre (also known as Ostara) was celebrated with a feast during April. We even maintain some of the old customs for our modern Easter holiday. Ēostre was symbolized by hares and eggs. 

April’s birthstone is the diamond. The fiery Aries watches over April until the 18th, when it gives way to earthy Taurus on the 19th. April’s birth flowers are the daisy and sweet pea. Both represent delicate innocence, just like the fresh growth of spring. 

Spiritual Uplifts Magical Moon for March

By Linda Pritchard, March 1, 2020

March’s full moon in wiccan ritual is called the “Alder moon.”  The Alder moon is the king of waters. This moon is good for rituals for growth in businesses.  It also helps to bring your ambitions closer to fruition and any hidden potential. Alder wands, tree symbols, and the color red can be used in a ceremony.                                          

First quarter     March 2nd             2:58 pm

Full Moon         March 9th         1:48 pm

Last Quarter   March 16th            5:35 am

New Moon       March 24th            5:29 am


A Full Moon Ritual for March

You will need:  One red candle, one green aventurine or to make it strong green garnet. 

Repeat the following:

“Lovely lady of the moon,

Bring luck and money to me soon.

I care for the less fortunate and weep for those that I cannot reach and ask that you send them money soon. 

Fill our hands of gold.

Fill our body, mind and spirit with all the luck it can hold.

Thank you lady of the moon for your light through any darkness.”

Repeat 3 times

Monthly study at Spiritual Uplifts for April

 By Peyton Moore-Woods April 1, 2020

Crystal: Selenite. This beautiful and calming stone helps us all connect with our higher selves by activating the Crown Chakra. It brings mental clarity, clears energy blockages, and promotes tranquility. Selenite is a wonderful stone for healers or those looking to create an environment filled with positive energy.

Book: A Little Book of Pendulum Magic by D.J. Conway. Learn how to connect with your pendulum with this helpful and quick guide! Written with simple and direct instructions, Conway provides her readers with several different methods of using a pendulum. It is a must have for anyone looking to deepen their intuition and learn about different psychic tools.

Oil: Van Van Oil. Van Van oil is known to help open the doors of success. It brings in good luck, love, and prosperity when used in mojo bags, added to talismans, or used for candle dressing. You can also sprinkle on your doorways to block out negative energies. Lemongrass is one of the central ingredients, giving it a fresh and crisp scent.

Herb: Dandelion RootWhile many people see dandelions as pesky weeds, they have many uses when cultivated safely. Our certified organic dandelion root is traditionally used to aid with digestion and liver issues. Modern herbalists have discovered that it is also helpful with lowering high blood pressure, bloating due to PMS, and is effective to use when one is going through a dietary cleanse. When ground up into a paste, it soothes irritated skin and acne. This root can also be roasted and brewed to make your very own caffeine free coffee. 

Monthly Quote

Researched by Donna Long March 1, 2020

“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.” Irish Blessing, author unknown. 

Crystal Light Bed and Bio-Mat

Heals: Emotional blockages, headaches, negative thinking, helps with blood pressure, joint pain, weight loss, decrease stress & fatigue…and much more.

Call to set your appointment today.

Sessions: 1/2 hour/$45.00, 45 mins/$60.00, 1 hour/$80.00

Discount packages: 




Video Aura Camera

This aura camera is high tech featuring Aura color analysis and bio-feed back, which focuses on your physical and spiritual well-being. It will show any blockages and personality traits. Knowing only your base Aura color gives you an in-depth look into your core beliefs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual behaviors and patterns.


Upcoming Events

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    May 2 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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    June 6 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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    July 4 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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S. P.
S. P.
22:25 01 Mar 20
Love the new layout of the store, it is so open and beautiful. The staff here are wonderful and are kind and welcoming and are eager to help. There's so many different classes offered here to expand your mind and spirituality experience. I always recommend this place because you will have a great time no matter what. This is my happy place!
Jessica Littleson
Jessica Littleson
22:10 16 Feb 20
Amazing!!!! Beautiful energy! Everyone there is so friendly! I go there for all my stones and any spirtual needs!
Marjorie Robinson
Marjorie Robinson
19:47 30 Dec 19
It would have been great if the website on Google had the correct business hours so I didn't drive 45 minutes to arrive to find out the stores closed on Mondays.
julia ann
julia ann
02:11 22 Aug 19
Went In looking for some Crystal's and came out with learning a few things with my rocks and Crystal's. Super friendly store. Will deffinaly be going back!
John Nevaquaya
John Nevaquaya
09:11 16 Jul 19
Nice little store and friendly staff. I stopped in to browse and they answered all the questions I had. I ended up buying a beautiful blue crystal that looks awesome on my dining table.
rubito gt
rubito gt
18:21 14 Jun 19
Awesome place and great people. Great selection of crystals, Tarot and Oracles cards and candles. They also have a library with a big selection of books to help you in your spiritual journey.
James Hastings
James Hastings
01:50 14 Jun 19
Great store, friendly staff and a huge selection of crystals and products to help find inner spirituality, healing and peace. Especially with the high stress job I have and people you have to deal with at work. It's a refreshing venue to visit, recommend to all my friends.
sarah sherk
sarah sherk
00:15 14 Jun 19
This is one of my favorite places to shop. I wish I could give this store 100 stars! The owner & Staff are all kind and knowledgeable and willing to help you with questions about their products. They have the best selection of crystals, books, jewelry and other wonderful services they offer. I buy all my necklaces and stones from here! If you are looking for a crystal shop that has great energy and great people, this is the place for you!
Dennis L.
Dennis L.
22:47 13 Jun 19
Friendly staff, unique courses/events and a very nice selection of crystals. Great place!! Highly recommended 🙂
Christina Metcalf
Christina Metcalf
22:56 11 Jun 19
What a wonderful store!! All the staff here is absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable. They have many classes, I personally have taken the crystal class and tarot 1 and 2. The store is clean, organized and the energy is so welcoming. There’s also a cute little girl there on some days who will pick a crystal for you and is pretty accurate! You’ll leave feeling like family. ❤️
Angie Rodriguez
Angie Rodriguez
19:19 18 Apr 19
This place is everything!! Hope, thank you for such a great experience and the kind staff. 💛
Vera Lang
Vera Lang
23:20 17 Feb 19
Very much Love everything about this place. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Love coming in and feeling better everytime I walk out of there. My reading with Lynn was Amazing!! She made a believer out of me. Thank you!
matt weatherly
matt weatherly
23:08 17 Feb 19
Absolutely amazing place! There is a reason its rated 5.0 stars. They are so helpful and really take their time to make sure you are taken care of. Everyone who works there is very gifted and its great that they are so kind to share their talents. Highly highly recommend this place!
Sheri Freshour
Sheri Freshour
19:44 09 Feb 19
Ditto what everyone else says. I just had a wonderful reading and everyone was so nice. Looking forward to future visits
18:04 09 Feb 19
I love this place. The ladies that work there are so welcoming and the energy there is nice. If you have any questions or concerns they are more than happy to help you or give you guidance. 😊❤
Sarah Justice
Sarah Justice
02:31 11 Mar 18
Every crystal you can think of! Such a lovely place. Cards and more... i can never leave without purchasing a new treasure (those amethyst rune stones will be mine someday). You feel the light and welcoming atmosphere immediately. Lynn's healing is amazing. Amethyst light bed is very relaxing.
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler
15:52 17 Jan 18
Spiritual Uplifts is an amazing store! So beautiful, neat, well organized & thought out the young lady @ the front was so kind & personable they have gained a loyal client for life! How awesome is it that they actually educate clients!!!
loretta watkins
loretta watkins
00:12 29 Nov 17
I love this store and. Lynn. She is always so helpful and her staff is great. I love the stones I buy and the calming atmosphere. One day I hope to take a class for meditation and tarot. I am happy for the growth Lynn has it means she is right on. I plan to book again as soon as I can get an appointment. I've been coming for 2 years because I believe in her gift and she makes me feel like I am more than just a customer booking her time but as a friend. She Brings comfort and familiarity to our appointments.
Stephie L
Stephie L
23:24 29 Sep 17
Extremely nice. I went in there as a naive person who stumbled upon a YouTube video as I was searching for reasons for my throat complications (which were not western medicine sickness). She was so kind and graceful as she talked me. She even did a healing ritual right there on the spot, which made the weird sensation go away.
Amanda Chadwick
Amanda Chadwick
01:38 06 Sep 17
Lynn is the most special, gifted and welcoming person I've come to meet. Her shop has the most amazing vibes and feelings when you walk in. It makes you feel at home and immediately at peace. Spiritual Uplifts and their family have helped me in more ways than I can explain. Thank you to Spiritual Uplifts and the family for being so kind, compassionate, welcoming, and helping me in so many ways.
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 Kimberly Pritchard-Hastings March 1, 2020

As we know, 2020 is a working year of the 4, bringing us the energy of hard work and planning. I’m sure most of you have felt this energy over the past two months and you may be feeling burnt out. Thankfully, one of the many gifts the Universe brings to us are the breaks, which allow us to unwind and recharge. One of these breathers occurs this month, as March is a 7 universal month, the number of reflection and  solitude.

This month, it is important that you take time for yourself. Embrace this time off and contemplation to enjoy what truly makes you happy. Get outside and experience nature or finishing reading that book you’ve been putting off. Journaling is a great tool to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what you have left to do. As the 7 is also the number of knowledge, this is the perfect time to take some classes and explore your horizons. Just remember to come up for air and emerge here and there. As the downside of the 7’s introverted energy is a feeling of isolation. Be sure to get out and enjoy the company of others. 

Expand your horizons, experience new things. Monthly Horoscope - March

Aires: Your goals are shifting. You are ready for challenges.

Taurus: Be patience, and focus on your goals.

Gemini: You find inspiration in your emotions.

Cancer: Time to organize your finances.

Leo: Time to increase your energy with fitness.

Virgo: Love matters are intense yet peaceful and intimate.

Libra: Bring an open mind and heart to your work.

Scorpio: Positive energy seems to attract what you have been waiting for. 

Sagittarius: Kindness comes from someone special.

Capricorn: Full moon brings a romantic encounter.

Aquarius: This month brings spirits of newness and empowerment.

Pisces: Pour energy into work and finances.


Mercury in Retrograde

February 17th to March 10th

June 18th to July 12th

October 14th to November 3rd

What to do when mercury is retrograde.  The planet mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.  This type of influence depends on your zodiac.

Aires: Reconfiguration workplace relationships

Taurus: Issues will relationships.

Gemini: Un-clarity in real-estate.

Cancer: Misunderstanding in relationships

Leo: This is a period for revisiting some issues with money.

Virgo: Redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way.

Libra: You will feel like you need to isolate yourself.

Scorpio: Avoid complaints from superiors.  

Capricorn: Revise education at this time.

Aquarius: Pay attention to financial agreements.

Pisces: Be cautious. Ex-partners return.





“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”