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June’s Monthly Insight

Kimberly Hastings, June 1, 2023Hello June Images - Free Download on Freepik

June is named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of marriage, childbirth and fertility. June marks the start of the summer solstice, which officially begins on June 21st. This time of year where the flowers are in full bloom and we can enjoy the warm whether before it becomes too hot.  No wonder June is the second most popular month for marriages.

This month, we have two significant holidays: Father’s Day and Juneteenth. Father’s Day is observed on the third Sunday of the month, this year being on June 18th. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, but did not become a national holiday until 1972. The next day is Juneteenth. Juneteenth commemorates the day in 1865 when federal troops arrived in Galveston Texas to ensure that all enslaved people were freed. Juneteenth is the longest-running African American holiday, honoring the end of slavery in the United States. It became a Federal Holiday on June 17, 2021.

Gemini reigns over us until June 20th, continuing its adaptable energy, helping us find the balance between work and play. Cancer takes over on June 21st, encouraging us to embrace our emotions and feelings under its protective and comforting energy.

June’s birth flowers are the Honeysuckle and Roses. Honeysuckle represents happiness and positivity, while roses are a sign of love and affection. June’s birth stones are Moonstone and Pearl. Moonstone brings love, passion, fertility and luck while Pearls represent purity, humility, innocence, long life and prosperity.

Spiritual Uplifts Magical Moon for June

Kimberly Hastings, June 1, 2023

June’s full moon is called the “Strawberry Moon.” This name is derived from Native American tribes, as June was the time of year that the strawberries were ripe and ready to be gathered. Early Europeans called this the “Honey Moon,” as June was the month of many marriages. This explains why the time after a couple is married is called the Honeymoon.

Once again the June moon is also a Super Moon, which occurs when the moon is at its fullest and is the closest to the Earth’s orbit. Super moons are extremely powerful and intense due to an increased energetic pull. Any ritual done under this moon will be more powerful.  

Full Moon: June 3rd  11:43 PM EST

Last Quarter: June 10th  3:32 PM EST

New Moon: June 18th   12:39 AM EST

First Quarter: June 26th   3:51 AM EST

Full Moon Ritual for reigniting passion and creativity

In life, there are time where we are consumed with work and other responsibilities, that we lose contact with our true self and passion in life. When we get back to who we truly are, we can complete tasks with ease, opening the pathways to manifest what we seek. This self-awareness also allows us to be vulnerable, enhancing our connection with our partners. This ritual reignites the spark of passion within us, bringing a renewed sense of creativity and joy. Can also be used to reconnect to our sensual side, rekindling connection in romantic relationships.

You will need the following:

  • Palo santo stick or clearing spray;
  • 2 white candles;
  • Maiden 7 Day candle;
  • Fire of Passion Oil and/or incense;
  • Mahogany Obsidian, Spessartine Garnet, and/or Star Jasper.

First, cleanse your space using the Palo Santo. Palo Santo clears any negative energies, while uplifting our mood and enhancing motivation. Next, set up your altar by placing the white candles at the top of your altar, one on the left and the other on the right, with your Maiden candle in the middle. The Maiden candle not only protects, but removes obstacles in your way, bringing positive changes to your luck. Place your chosen crystals furthest to the left end of the altar. Mahogany Obsidian eliminates blockages and helps us to regain our inner power and self-confidence. Spessartine/Orange Garnet boosts the mood, inviting creativity, confidence, and joy. Star Jasper invites bursts of positive energy and creativity, providing necessary motivation.

Light your candles and allow yourself time for reflection. Take a deep breath, thinking of what you want to accomplish with this ritual. As you exhale, visualize releasing any obstacles and negativity standing in your way. Repeat this step until you feel energized and motivated.

Burn the Fire of Passion incense or apply the Fire of Passion oil regularly to keep the creativity and joy alive in your life.

Spiritual Uplifts Monthly Study

  By Amanda Dublo June 1, 2023

Book: The Angel Numbers Book by Mystic Michaela. Have you ever noticed yourself waking up at the exact same time every night? Or find yourself stuck on a certain page number of a book? What about seeing those very numbers repeated on signs and license plates while you travel? You’ll learn to turn your attention toward the communications of your angel guides, strengthen your understanding of the messages they are sending, and stay more tuned in whenever they’re trying to speak to you. Unlock your potential and light the way to a more satisfying, meaningful life with The Angels Numbers Book. 

Herb: Mullein Leaf: This herb has been used for its many benefits for over 2,000 years. It can be crushed into an extract, brewed as tea, or made into syrup. It has several magical qualities including warding off evil, promoting courage and health, providing protection, and attracting love.

Precautions: Small hairs on mullein leaf may cause mechanical irritation in the mouth and throat if not filtered out of extracts prior to consumption. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

Mullein Leaf (

Crystal: Red Aragonite: This stone releases stable and positive energy in all directions, cleansing and activating all the chakras, meridians, and auric field. It encourages spiritual health and empowerment. Additionally, it invites peace, prosperity, and abundance while also releasing attachments from the drama, anger, and sorrow of the past.

Oil: Ginger Oil: This is a warm, dry, and spicy oil that has energizing and grounding qualities. Ginger brings protection and enhances spell work by increasing concentration and courage. Physically, Ginger stimulates the appetite and improves digestion. Eases symptoms of the common cold such as cough, congestion and sore throat. 

All Spiritual Uplifts essential oils and herbs are certified organic.

All crystals are handpicked and purchased by licensed vendors

Spiritual Uplifts Monthly Grid

Crystal Grid for Litha

The Summer Solstice


 By Amanda Dublo June 1, 2023

Step 1: Begin by setting intention of connecting with your higher consciousness through meditation.

Step 2: Burn sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the energy in your space.

Step 3: Place a crystal generator of your choice in the center of your grid. Light colored crystals like Clear Quartz are preferred.

Step 4: Using a cloth or wood grid, create two diagonal lines forming a “X” around the generator using the crystals below.

Amber: This stone is associated with the Sun and is known as the “Stone of Life Force.” Amber opens and cleanses all the chakras, purifies your energy, and encourages emotional and physical healing. Carry Amber with you to increase confidence, mental clarity, and creative self-expression.

Citrine: This “Stone of Success” promotes abundance, prosperity, good luck, and fortune. Citrine has the ability to both cleanse and energize the body and mind. Work with this stone to stimulate confidence, clear-mindedness, and the energy with which to pursue your goals.

Green Aventurine: A “Stone of Opportunity” that brings prosperity and good fortune. Green Aventurine comforts, heals and protects the Heart Chakra. Use this manifestation stone on your path of personal growth to release old patterns, habits, and regrets.

Moonstone: The “Stone of New Beginnings” that encourages inner growth and strength. Let Moonstone bring in abundance and good fortune, enhance your intuition and increase lucid dreaming. It can balance male and female energies and is an excellent stone to promote fertility.

Orange Calcite: This calcite cleanses and amplifies energy which then creates a positive energy flow through the body. It can clear old energy patterns, boosts creativity, and increase passion and desire. It also works directly with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

Sunstone: This crystal is associated with the Sun and the life-giving energy it radiates. Carry Sunstone with you to boost self-esteem, confidence, personal power, and self-worth. It can bring back the enjoyment for life, provide a sense of abundance and stimulate the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Step 5: Speak out loud your intentions to activate your grid.

Crystals and grid pads sold at Spiritual Uplifts

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Kimberly Hastings June 1, 2023

I hope you all had a restful May and were able to make time for yourself, because it is back to work this month.

June is a 4 Universal Month, bringing practical, disciplined, and determined energy. Now is the time to grow and re-focus our efforts on our end objectives.

With June being the sixth month of the year, don’t be surprised to find much of your energy spent on family matters and relationships. 6 is the number associated with our home life and relationships.  For most of us, our foundation begins with our family unit.

The challenge this month will be balancing our responsibilities towards ourselves and our obligations for others. Embrace family time as an opportunity to strengthen your foundation, but do not hold yourself back.

Remember that your sacrifice will lead to your desired outcome.


Monthly Horoscope-June 2023

Aries: People are drawn to your magnetic personality and follow your example. Be mindful of the impression you have on others.

Taurus: Remember that our differences are what make us special. Those that may not agree with your choices still love and respect you.

Gemini: It is okay for it to be all about you at times. Self-reflection is important to your growth.

Cancer: Embracing challenges will reap rewards. Roll with the punches and be flexible when possible.

Leo: Allow yourself to indulge occasionally. The confidence it brings radiates and brings joy to others.

Virgo: Your focus is on private matters but remember that honesty is always best. Your actions do not go unnoticed.

Libra: Do not dwell on the past. Take what you have learned and focus on what makes you unique and special.

Scorpio: You have emotions and feelings that you have been holding back that need to be released. Avoid becoming irrational or critical of yourself or others.

Sagittarius: Avoid overexerting yourself, both financially and emotionally, but do not shy away from new experiences.

Capricorn: This month will be full of challenges, but nothing you can not handle. Patience is the key.

Aquarius: Time to embrace your creativity and spontaneity, but avoid overtly risky behavior.

Pisces: Positive changes to your work environment will benefit your personal and intimate relationships.



Mercury in Retrograde 2023

 December 28, 2022 to January 18th

April 21st to May 14th

August 23rd to September 14th

December 13th to January 1, 2024

What to do when Mercury is in Retrograde.  The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.  This type of influence depends on your zodiac.

Aries: Reconfiguration of workplace relationships

Taurus: Issues with relationships.

Gemini: Un-clear real-estate.

Cancer: Misunderstandings in relationships.

Leo: This is a period for revisiting some issues with money.

Virgo: Redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way.

Libra: You will feel like you need to isolate yourself.

Scorpio: Avoid complaints from superiors.  

Sagittarius: Before you make decisions think of the consequences.

Capricorn: Revise education at this time.

Aquarius: Pay attention to financial agreements.

Pisces: Be cautious, Ex-partners return.

"Enjoy, feel good and live for today"