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Monthly Horoscope-December 2022

Aries: Your responsible and authoritative nature are enviable but be mindful how you communicate with others.

Taurus: Take time to explore something new but avoid overindulging.

Gemini: Social connections are important at this time. Reconnecting with others will reap rewards.

Cancer: Embrace changes, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. The later reward is worth the strain now.

Leo: Creativity and spontaneity are desirable. Avoid risky behavior.

Virgo: Change in behaviors and actions is crucial for future happiness

Libra: Focusing on communicating your ideas without incorporating personal feelings will benefit your relationships.

Scorpio: Money is the priority, both immediate and future finances. Avoid rash decisions.

Sagittarius: Be honest in your expression but avoid unnecessary conflict.

Capricorn: Make any changes that are critical to benefiting your physical, mental, or spiritual health.

Aquarius: A positive attitude and a willingness to broaden your horizons will benefit you immensely.

Pisces: Recognition and reward for your efforts brings security. 


Mercury in Retrograde 2022


January 13 to February 3 

May 10 to June 2

September 9 to October 1

December 28 to January 18 (2023)

What to do when Mercury is in Retrograde.  The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.  This type of influence depends on your zodiac.

Aries: Reconfiguration of workplace relationships

Taurus: Issues with relationships.

Gemini: Un-clear real-estate.

Cancer: Misunderstandings in relationships.

Leo: This is a period for revisiting some issues with money.

Virgo: Redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way.

Libra: You will feel like you need to isolate yourself.

Scorpio: Avoid complaints from superiors.  

Sagittarius: Before you make decisions think of the consequences.

Capricorn: Revise education at this time.

Aquarius: Pay attention to financial agreements.

Pisces: Be cautious, Ex-partners return.

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Kimberly Hastings December 1, 2022

We have reached the end of 2022 and its only fitting that December is a 9 Universal Month this year.  9 represents completion, celebrating the ending of this latest cycle, and the excitement of a new beginning.

This month, take a moment to analyze your experiences over the last months and recognize what you have learned. You may have released persons and/or things that no longer served your highest good. How did that make you feel? Did it contribute to growth or are you still having regrets?

Being a completion number, the 9 also represents forgiveness. Forgiveness has many faces. It could mean being understanding with yourself for not accomplishing all your goals, or showing grace to someone that you feel wronged you.

Most importantly, celebrate all you have accomplished, no matter how trivial it may seem. Every small step forward is still progression.

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season.

See you in 2023! 

“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”