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Expand your horizons, experience new things. Monthly Horoscope - September

Aries-  Love is unconditional but relationships are a choice.

Taurus- This is a good opportunity to spend some time on your own.

Gemini- If you over-step your bounds you could say things you don’t mean.  

Cancer-  A great time to do those things, especially if you’ve put in the work and know your options.

Leo-  If you aren’t sure about something, avoid projection, and seek clarity and depth.

Virgo- If you’re unsure about something, move slowly.

Libra-  Learn what you need to know to heal a situation or clear up a mess.

Scorpio-  Forgive the past to heal connections in the now.

Sagittarius-  The assignments you are currently working on or have finished recently will bring applause and praise.

Capricorn- You are looking at an amazingly happy month, especially during the first three weeks.

Aquarius -  It looks like this month the income that arrives will generously outweigh the money you will need to pay out.

Pisces - Your professional life and family matters will require a lot of attention. Listen to your inner voice to ensure success.

In 2019, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of:  

March 5th to March 28th (In Pisces) at this time when mercury is in retrograde it will interfere with communications and intellect.  Jobs will be stressful.  Relationships can have issues. 

July 8th (in Leo) to August 1st (in cancer) In Leo this will stop daily communication.  Delay any purchases of appliances, tools or anything linked to transport, contract signing or partnership.  

October 31st to November 31st (Scorpio) Scorpio brings lies, breach of contracts and time of discovery in things we have forgotten. 



September is a 3 Universal month, the number of creativity, excitement and optimism. In short, the 3 is a happy number, bringing the boost we need to create what we want.

While the Universe is always listening, this is a great time to as for exactly what you want.

Three is also the number of self-expression, so don’t be surprise to find yourself speaking up more this month. However, be cautious. The urge to gossip and release negative thoughts will be higher than usual this month.

Take this opportunity to challenge yourself by eliminating negative thinking. When you’re about to say something negative, stop and take a moment. Instead of finishing that negative thought, think of something positive you’re grateful for. You’ll be surprise how your outlook changes! 

Kimberly Pritchard-Hastings



“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”