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Monthly Horoscope-February 2024

Aries:  Your positive and joyous attitude and energy make your goals easily obtainable. 

Taurus: Separating your work and home lives will allow both to prosper.

Gemini: Pay special attention to finances. Avoid overspending. 

Cancer:  Your physical well-being is the focus. Do not put off anything related to your health. 

Leo: Focusing on your interactions with others will be beneficial to your career growth. 

Virgo: This is a phase of change. Time to remove what no longer serves you and focus on those that need you. 

Libra: Embrace your playful and adventurous side, but avoid overindulgence.

Scorpio: Your impulsive nature can lead to conflict despite your best intentions. Slow down and think before acting to improve relationships.

Sagittarius: This is a busy time for you. Take time to reflect and focus your attention on what truly matters. 

Capricorn: Stay true to your beliefs and do not back down. You know what works best for you.

Aquarius: Conflict will only lead to unnecessary stress and interfere with more important matters.

Pisces: Acknowledging your limitations and accepting assistance from others will help ease your burden. 

  Mercury in Retrograde 2024

December 13, 2023 to January 1, 2024

April 1st to April 24th

August 4th to August 27th

November 25th to December 15th

What to do when Mercury is in Retrograde.  The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such.  This type of influence depends on your zodiac.

Aries: Reconfiguration of workplace relationships

Taurus: Issues with relationships.

Gemini: Un-clear real-estate.

Cancer: Misunderstandings in relationships.

Leo: This is a period for revisiting some issues with money.

Virgo: Redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way.

Libra: You will feel like you need to isolate yourself.

Scorpio: Avoid complaints from superiors.  

Sagittarius: Before you make decisions think of the consequences.

Capricorn: Revise education at this time.

Aquarius: Pay attention to financial agreements.

Pisces: Be cautious, Ex-partners return.


Kimberly Hastings February 1, 2024

February, 2024 is a 1 Universal Month, the number of possibilities and opportunity.  This is the time to plant the seeds for what we want to grow this year. Avoid distraction by situations or persons that will hinder your progress.

Additionally, as February is a 2 month, it brings the additional energy of cooperation. Your instinct will be to avoid the advice and offers of assistance of others. While you should  make yourself the priority in order to properly set things in motion., the input of others could be invaluable. You know what is best for your growth. 

Remember that the energy of the 8 is constant this year, as 2024 is an 8 Universal Year. This will bring a continuous energy of success and reward. However, while some success may be luck, significant milestones come from putting in the work. By setting the proper foundation, you can ensure a smooth path to your goals.

One way to do that is to complete your yearly vision board. This will remind you of where you are and where you want to be. Create your personal vision board with me on Saturday, February 10th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. I will begin with a meditation and provide all supplies to help you set out your goals for this year. Cost: $15.00.





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