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Expand your horizons, experience new things. Monthly Horoscope - November


Aries: You will have an opportunity to benefit financially from others
in some way.

Taurus: You will have the opportunity to experience personal growth
through your close relationships.

Gemini: A new job will give new responsibilities.

Cancer: It is a time when you can achieve harmony with all with
whom you come into contact with.

Leo: This is a time for growth in all areas of life.

Virgo: Open discussions with those with whom you share your home
will enable you to reach new understanding.

Libra: Make a fresh start where your personal income or property is

Scorpio: This is a month to gain from a new experience. Turning a
fresh page in your life!

Sagittarius: You will be able to learn a great deal more about yourself
through your empathy with the suffering of others.

Capricorn: What you are hoping for will take an important role this

Aquarius: This month is full of promise and changes that could affect
your financial position.

Pisces: This is a time for you to widen your experience and your

In 2019, Mercury will only be retrograde during the date ranges of:  

March 5th to March 28th (In Pisces) at this time when mercury is in retrograde it will interfere with communications and intellect.  Jobs will be stressful.  Relationships can have issues. 

July 8th (in Leo) to August 1st (in Cancer) In Leo this will stop daily communication.  Delay any purchases of appliances, tools or anything linked to transport, contract signing or partnership.  

October 31st to November 31st (Scorpio) Scorpio brings lies, breach of contracts and time of discovery in things we have forgotten. 




November, 2019 is a 5 Universal Month, the number of excitement, change and progress. This month, you may find yourself challenged to go outside of your comfort zone, which will bring more thrills to your life. Most of us are creatures of habit and therefor uncomfortable with change. Mainly, we dislike the uncertainty that comes with doing things without knowing the consequences or outcome. The energy the five bring us this month will help us embrace change and the unknown. Remember that this energy will only bring positive results!

As always, the universe is testing us to see if we are committed to the goals we set in place over the year. The lesson and challenge you may face this month will be using this energy for immediate gratification versus long term gains. Will you take a risk where you will see that benefit you down the road? Or will you take the opportunity to guarantee happiness in the moment? What are you willing to take a risk for?

Kimberly Pritchard-Hastings



“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”