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Monthly Horoscope-April, 2021


Aries: Establish good working relationships with colleagues, subordinates and bosses to bring contentment and success.

Taurus: Take time to evaluate the situation and change what is not working.

Gemini: Now is the time for solving problems and improving your skills.

Cancer: Growing one-on-one relationships are your focus. Committed relationships offer more stability.

Leo: Do not postpone travel plans. Long distance connections can be beneficial for your career.

Virgo: While focusing on finances, do not ignore any health concerns. 

Libra: Attention will be on building romantic or professional relationships. Brush up on your people skills.

Scorpio: Helping and serving others will pay dividends both materially and spiritually. 

Sagittarius: Be spontaneous and try new things. Avoid overindulgence.

Capricorn: Avoid new financial undertakings and extravagance. Focus on building a strong foundation at home. 

Aquarius: exchanging your ideas or other, deep thoughts takes precedence over emotional exchanges. 

Pisces: Financial matters become the main focus but proceed cautiously.


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Kimberly Hastings April 1, 2021

April 2021 is a 9 Universal Month, the number of completion and reward. As your main priority will be completing your remaining tasks for this cycle, do not be surprised if you feel busier than usual this month. The good news is that all your hard work will come to fruition.

This Nine Universal Month is made of the 4 from April and the 5 of the 2021 year. While nine is the number of achievements, the 4 reminds us that we still have some work to put in to achieve our best results. One caveat of the 9 energy is that procrastination can become an issue. To help us balance what we need to do is the organizational and disciplinary energy of the 4, along with the adaptable energy of the five.

Nine is also considered a humanitarian number and encourages charity and actions for the betterment of all. If the reward for your hard work is financial, you are encouraged to share that with others. It could also mean that your “reward” benefits not only you but others/your community. For example, maybe your goals have been to gain more education. Your accomplishment may not be a degree but sharing the knowledge you have acquired with someone who needs the information. 



“Enjoy, feel good and live for today”