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About Lynn

Psychic Medium/Minister 

Reiki Master 

Over the course of the past three decades, Lynn has dedicated herself to honing her professional tarot card reader skills, seamlessly integrating clairvoyance, mediumship, and soul reading into her practice. Her esteemed titles of Reiki Master, Coach, and Minister are a testament to her versatile expertise in spiritual matters. Lynn's unwavering passion for Metaphysics has been a guiding force in her life since 1990.


Having spent most of her life in Rhode Island, just a 45-minute drive from Salem, Massachusetts, Lynn has made numerous journeys to discover Salem's authentic history and profound spiritual evolution.

In Cranston, Rhode Island, Lynn's teachings found a home at the White Light Book Store. As she delved deeper into understanding her spiritual gifts, she came to realize that they had begun to manifest during her childhood. This personal journey has led her to believe that everyone possesses psychic abilities, but the extent of sensitivity varies among individuals, fostering a sense of connection and relatability.


After completing her bachelor's degree in business, she started her own business, marking the beginning of Spiritual Uplifts Metaphysical Store. Her skills as a medium and her connection with the spirit have aided clients in healing from the loss of loved ones, divorce, embarking on new ventures, and finding themselves. She is committed to helping others recognize and overcome obstacles in all areas of life, including personal growth and relationships.


Services by Lynn


Lynn is capable of doing telephone and long-distance reads.  Readings are done by appointment only.  Please call us on Saturdays at 10:30 AM to schedule an appointment.  We have one phone line so please only call one time and leave a message if we are unable to take your call. We will call back the voicemails in the order that they were received until all the appointments are scheduled.  Due to the high volume of clients, we schedule no more than two weeks out.  Customers are only allowed to schedule a reading once every six months at this time in order to give others that have not had a reading an opportunity to get a session.

Half-Hour Session – $90
One Hour Session – $145  *Anything over an hour is $2.00/min.

Call to RSVP today!


A private energy healing crystal session with Lynn includes a 30-minute treatment with Reiki,
crystals, cord-cutting, and ends with a 20-minute waterfall meditation. The treatment releases
negative emotional energy that can affect the body making it feel distorted. After a private session
with her, you will feel lighter and more balanced. (Reiki Master, Crystal Healer)

Half-Hour Session – $90.00
1 Hour Session – $145.00

Call to RSVP today!


One-on-one soul coaching to give you instrumental information for this life journey that will allow
you to expand, flourish and thrive.  Lynn will begin with a soul and clairvoyant reading. 
Depending on your needs, Lynn will utilize affirmations, tapping and reiki healing along with
chakra balancing, cutting cords and removing blockages.

5 One-Hour Sessions – $550.00 

(Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment

per week for 5 consecutive weeks)

Call to RSVP today!


Total of 5 additional sessions with Lynn including new meditations, past life work, sound bath,
crystal healing and unlimited sessions on our crystal light bed. Starts off with commitment letter
and spiritual readings. *Only available to those that have previously taken a Soul Coaching

Cost: $333.00 

(Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment

per week for 5 consecutive weeks)

Call to RSVP today!


An energetic overhaul to assist you in taking your power back.  This package is a high-level focus
on your 7 energy centers.  Lynn will balance and align your chakras, clear all blockages and cords,
center all chakras, implement sound and color therapy.

7 One-Hour Sessions – $499.00

(Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment

per week for 7 consecutive weeks)

Call to RSVP today!

Workshops with Lynn


Whether you are new or just trying to advance your skills, this class will teach you to grow into
your gifts and find your niche. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or just trying to improve your
skills. The class will teach you how to discover your gifts. This is a series of 5, each designed to
push you further each time. The cost is
$45.00 per class. Once a month

Call to RSVP today!


Reiki I consists of two separate sessions.  In session one you will learn to heal yourself and clear
your past experiences that could be affecting the present. In session two you learn to heal others
using techniques to clear the aura and balance the chakras. 

Class is private between you and Lynn done in two sessions by appointment only.

1 ½ hours per session

Cost $100.00


Reiki II is one group session. Reiki Level Two opens additional energy centers and connects you to a higher level of Reiki Energy. During this session, you will learn additional healing techniques that assist with the heart, liver, digestive system, allergies, and other disorders. Also, you will learn
long-distance healing and how to heal on the astral plane.

This is a Group Class. Limit 4-6

Cost: $210.00


Call to RSVP today!

Reiki three is the teacher’s level. You will experience a higher level of energy, helping you to
connect with your master’s while performing reiki. There will be an enhanced level of clearing the
chakras, new symbols, and new hand positions. Also, you will learn how to give attunements.

This level shows commitment as a reiki practitioner.


This is a Group Class.

Cost – $275.00

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