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Thanks to many donations our library is getting full. Library Members can keep
the book for two weeks at a time. If you are interested in signing up for the library below is the
disclosure. We are still accepting donations. Our goal is to make this library a place where you can study and research your interests. Come join our library now.

Annual Membership – $20


The crystal bed has seven quartz crystal spheres wrapped in copper that are suspended approximately 12 inches above the client’s body.  The copper is formed into sacred geometric shapes corresponding with the chakras. The individual receiving the session rests face up, lying on a massage table with eyes closed, bathing in the energy while listening to one of many meditations.

Crystal Bed

Amethyst Infrared Light Bio Mat

Bio Mat

Infrared light are waves of energy we encounter daily. Far-infrared light therapy transfers heat and is capable of penetrating 6 to 8 inches into the body. The rays not only benefit the surface but also the muscles, blood vessels, glands, and nerves in the 

 deepest parts of our body. The amethyst converts conductive heat into far infrared light very efficiently clearing and calming the mind.

Appointments are now available!
Half-Hour Session –
One-Hour Session – $90.00

5 Half-Hour Sessions –
5 One-Hour Sessions – $360.00



Everyone has the ability to change their aura colors.  The changes are due to mental and
emotional inner shifts or external environment influences.  Each color represents a range of

meanings so we look at the combinations and the rate of color change in each section to evaluate the energy.   If the aura looks dark and stressed, then your are going through patterns of exchange.  So getting an aura picture can help you to refocus your mind and intentions and
creating a higher state of consciousness.


Bio – Feed back:   The seven main chakras or energy centers are displayed in the center of the aura chakra image along the spine.  The shape, size and intensity of the color of each Chakra reflect various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states within your aura. Color interpretation:  Most people vibrate within a certain range, which represents a person’s aura type or personably color.

Data the comes with the Full Aura & Chakra Report:

Aura chakra report
Bio-feed back report
Bio-Data report (yin/yang)
Body, mind, and spirit report
Personal Aura colors report
Aura color overview report
Energy level report

Stress level report
Qualities, actions, and personalities report
Mind/body Relationship and intimacy
Career and finances
Health, well-being and growth
Social life

Aura Imaging Picture:
Standard Chakra Report: $35.00
Standard Aura Report: $45.00
Full Aura & Chakra Reading: $60.00

Services by Lynn

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Lynn is capable of doing telephone and long-distance reads.  Readings are done by appointment only.  Please call us on Saturdays at 10:30 AM to schedule an appointment.  We have one phone line so please only call one time and leave a message if we are unable to take your call. We will call back the voicemails in the order that they were received until all the appointments are scheduled.  Due to the high volume of clients, we schedule no more than two weeks out.  Customers are only allowed to schedule a reading once every six months at this time in order to give others that have not had a reading an opportunity to get a session.

Half-Hour Session – $90
One Hour Session – $145  *Anything over an hour is $2.00/min.


A private energy healing crystal session with Lynn includes a 30-minute treatment with Reiki,
crystals, cord-cutting, and ends with a 20-minute waterfall meditation. The treatment releases
negative emotional energy that can affect the body making it feel distorted. After a private session
with her, you will feel lighter and more balanced. (Reiki Master, Crystal Healer)

Half-Hour Session – $90.00
1 Hour Session – $145.00


One-on-one soul coaching to give you instrumental information for this life journey that will allow
you to expand, flourish and thrive.  Lynn will begin with a soul and clairvoyant reading. 
Depending on your needs, Lynn will utilize affirmations, tapping and reiki healing along with
chakra balancing, cutting cords and removing blockages.

5 One-Hour Sessions – $550.00 

(Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment per week for 5 consecutive weeks)


Total of 5 additional sessions with Lynn including new meditations, past life work, sound bath,
crystal healing and unlimited sessions on our crystal light bed. Starts off with commitment letter
and spiritual readings. *Only available to those that have previously taken a Soul Coaching

Cost: $333.00 

(Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment per week for 5 consecutive weeks)


An energetic overhaul to assist you in taking your power back.  This package is a high-level focus
on your 7 energy centers.  Lynn will balance and align your chakras, clear all blockages and cords,
center all chakras, implement sound and color therapy.

7 One-Hour Sessions – $499.00

(Note: this package is scheduled as 1 appointment per week for 7 consecutive weeks)

Services by Quincy

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This course will help improve your balance, knee mobility, overall health, leg & core strength, and more. Enjoy the reiki healing that is incorporated throughout the course for the ultimate healing experience.

Per Session: $15.00

6 Sessions: $75.00

Private sessions also available by appointment.

Every Saturday and Sunday.


Quincy's Healing Sessions offer a serene and welcoming space for reiki healing. Quincy, a highly
skilled reiki master, incorporates the use of singing bowls and crystals to elevate the healing
process. The tranquil atmosphere and expert techniques employed by Quincy aim to provide a
comprehensive and deeply soothing experience for all participants.

Half-Hour Session: $60.00

One Hour Session: $80.00

Services by Amanda

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In Amanda's transformative healing sessions, she combines the use of crystals and singing bowls
to assist in releasing energetic blockages and realigning the body. Through the gentle vibrations
and energy of these tools, Amanda facilitates a deeply relaxing and holistic healing experience,
allowing for a profound sense of balance and well-being to be restored

Half-Hour Session: $60.00

One Hour Session: $80.00

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