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Workshops / Events

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Part 1: “Release and Recharge”

We are giving you permission to take care of yourself. Take this workshop to pay attention to your
deepest needs. RECHARGE MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY. Our main focus is to give you a safe place using the proper tools to help release blockages, karma debt, cord cutting, clear chakras, and meridians. CREATE A HEALTHIER PATHWAY TO CONNECT WITH HIGHER SELF.

During this time Lynn’s full attention will be given to the class. This workshop is for people whom
live in Jacksonville or out of state. The workshop will be at the store. We will provide 2 meals,
snacks, drinks, we will send you a menu. Hotels are price separately. We will provide a list of
hotels with pricing. 

July 19-21, 2024
Cost: $425.00

Limit 6 students

Monthly Workshops

Call to RSVP today!


The first Saturday of each month from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Come meet our practitioners and
experience different healing techniques.  Our healers are trained on energy work, 7 archangels,
reconnective healing, singing bowls and more. All our practitioners are intuitive healers that are
well trained and attuned. The Cost is 
$15.00 Love offering goes to St. Jude’s hospital.  

First come, first served.


Whether you are new or just trying to advance your skills, this class will teach you to grow into
your gifts and find your niche. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or just trying to improve your
skills. The class will teach you how to discover your gifts. This is a series of 5, each designed to
push you further each time. The cost is
$45.00 per class. Once a month


Reiki I consists of two separate sessions.  In session one you will learn to heal yourself and clear
your past experiences that could be affecting the present. In session two you learn to heal others
using techniques to clear the aura and balance the chakras. 

Class is private between you and Lynn done in two sessions by appointment only.

1 ½ hours per session

Cost $100.00


Reiki II is one group session. Reiki Level Two opens additional energy centers and connects you to a higher level of Reiki Energy. During this session, you will learn additional healing techniques that assist with the heart, liver, digestive system, allergies, and other disorders. Also, you will learn
long-distance healing and how to heal on the astral plane.

This is a Group Class. Limit 4-6

Cost: $210.00


Reiki three is the teacher’s level. You will experience a higher level of energy, helping you to
connect with your master’s while performing reiki. There will be an enhanced level of clearing the
chakras, new symbols, and new hand positions. Also, you will learn how to give attunements.

This level shows commitment as a reiki practitioner.


This is a Group Class.

Cost – $275.00

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