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How It All Started

My clients keep asking me when did I started seeing spirit.   I could not remember for the longest time because most of my life I have seen and talked to spirit.  My father told me to never tell anyone. I believe his exact words were “They will put you in a nut house.” After a while it was just natural for me to keep it quiet and talk to spirit.  Most people just thought I was talking to myself.  Honestly, as I write this I think I still have the same anxiety from what my father said.

My earliest memory of when I was able to see and connect with spirit was at the age of four years old. I lived in Rhode Island.  Rhode Island is a very small state full of beautiful parks and land marks such as The Betsy Ross house, Roger William Park, etc.  My birth mother worked at a jewelry factory (for about two days).  My dad drove her to work one morning.  I remember getting in the back seat of the car.  My mother whom was sitting in the front called back to me  “make sure your door is locked.”  For some reason no one thought about seat belts back then.  As we were driving down the road I noticed my father’s window was down while the door was unlocked. He had his arm hanging out the window.  I thought to myself “he looks so grown up.”  We arrived at my mother’s work.  My mother left the car so I jumped in the front seat.  Before she shut the door she made sure it was locked.  However, when no one was looking I unlocked the door and hung my arm out the window like my father.  I was pretending I was the mother and we were going for a ride through the park.  My Father did not notice my door was unlocked and how close I was hanging on the door handle. Suddenly, when my father took a sharp corner my door swung open and I fell out of the car.  I remember falling and hitting my head on a clement sewer drain.  I looked up and saw a big truck coming towards me.  I then felt my father lift me up.  He had jumped out of the car while it was still running and moving down the street.  He ran chasing the car while carrying me. He reach the car and put me in the front seat and drove to the hospital. I was told I was in the hospital but I don’t remember being there.   All I remember is sitting at the kitchen table with my mother whom was trying to get me to eat baby food. It was dark out and seem like it was late at night.

That night all I did was close my eyes and saw an angel. She took me though a tunnel and started showing me things.  She showed me different portals and from that day on I was able to see and talk to spirit.  I can see them without closing my eyes.  However they are clearer if my eyes are closed.  I tried telling my mother and father but they would laugh.

When I think back I realize that I have always asked spirit for help without realizing what I was doing.  I feel danger coming, see visions, and feel things around people auras.

I remember having a tea party with the deceased mother of our landlord whom lived in the down stairs apartment from us.  Also I remember I could see spirit very clear when the room was dark. As a child this would scare me to were I slept with the lights on.

It wasn’t until I was older I discovered it was a gift.  My friend took me to get a tarot card reading and then another friend introduce me to Gloria.  Once I met Gloria from the White Light Book store things changed for me.  She explained what I was seeing and made sense of it all.  That’s when it all begin.

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