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Our Story

My friend Gloria once told me that a reading should feel like a “Spiritual Uplift.”  That stayed with me every time I did a reading and was the inspiration for naming my store “Spiritual Uplifts.“


Starting your spiritual journey brings in so many amazing shifts in your life and you need to be around like-minded people that not only understand, but are able to explain what is happening. I opened Spiritual Uplifts to support people with their spiritual gifts, help them to discover peace, find closure with deceased loved ones, and provide guidance, healing and assistance with trauma.


When I started my business in 2011, I wanted to provide a place where like-minded people could meet and study what they love. In addition, I wanted give Jacksonville a healthier outlook on the metaphysical community. I feel I have accomplished this.

This is a place where you can find guidance, love and acceptance. We offer services such as life coaching, spiritual readings, energy work, crystal healings, minster counseling, and many classes on different topics within spirituality. We have special events with well-known teachers from all over the world, lectures, gallery readings, healing classes, etc. The goal is to bring the metaphysical community together, as well as provide the best training.


We are all teachers; yet we are all much better students. No one person is an expert at any talent. We can always learn more from each other. Knowledge is the key to success, and we can never learn enough. Come join us and be part of our community.


Our store has a metaphysical library open to the public with just a $20.00 yearly maintenance fee.


On Jan 1, 2017 we began a rewards program for our customers, where every $100.00 you spend on retail you get a credit back of $10.00. The program is supported by our new POS system that will keep track of what you spend, so as you start to accumulate $100.00, you get a $10.00 credit to use in the store.

Metaphysical Library Available

Spiritual Uplifts

Thanks to many donations our library is getting full. We charge $20.00 for the year and you keep the book for two weeks at a time. If you are interested in signing up for the library below is the disclosure. We are still accepting donations. Our goal is to make this library a place where you can study and research your interests. Come join our library now.

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