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Tuesday Morning with Lynn – 05/11/22

Hello everyone, I hope your week is breathtaking. Someone asked why I call my blog “Tuesday morning with Lynn”? It is named that because I am a morning person, which is when I usually write. The store is short-staffed, so it’s hard for me to write every week. Even though I am short-staffed, I have some fantastic employees who care about the store and the customers. Most importantly, they enjoy what they do.

This week at Spiritual Uplifts:

On Sunday, 15th, we have a “Your Journey begins here class” from 10:30 am to 12 pm, followed by a Crystal Grid class from 3 to 5 pm. The grid class includes all the supplies you need to create a home protection grid.

The topic of the week: How to get over a difficult breakup

A friend of mine is struggling through a bad breakup. In my opinion, how deeply involved you are in a relationship is more significant than how long you have been with someone. The thought of someone you love walking away can break your heart, leaving you feeling alone.

The first step to finding happiness after a breakup is to accept it. In order to move on, it is critical not to hate your ex. If you do, you won’t feel confident about moving on. One person does not end your world. We all have several soul mates. As long as we learn something from that person, regardless of whether it is long-term or short-term, then we can consider them a soulmate. There is no Cinderella story. The more you focus on that, the less likely you will find happiness. It’s impossible to have everything perfect in life, and people come and go. It’s up to you whether you want them to stick around. Choose happiness!

Try these steps to find happiness after a painful breakup:

Release your ex. It would be wise to let go of your ex as quickly as possible. Letting go will help you reclaim your space in your own life and make it more difficult for your ex to influence you negatively. You can light any angel candle, then call on Archangel Micheal to help you release anything that doesn’t serve your highest good. Affirmation: I lead others to love me by loving yourself first.”

Hang out with those who love and cherish you. Often, after a breakup, people bury themselves in work in an attempt to block anyone from contacting them. Spend time with people who bolster your self-confidence and make you feel confident about yourself. You are welcome to come to visit us at Spiritual Uplifts Metaphysical Store.

In a spirit message, I was told that the only way to find my true path is to seek happiness within myself. Meaning it’s wise not to count on others to make you happy.

Well, I have to go back to work. Come visit us today. Love Lynn


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