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About Quincy

Reiki Master  

Chen Taiji Practitioner

After dedicating over 15 years to training Chen Quan, Quincy has honed his expertise in the intricate art of Chen Taiji. As a triumphant regional grand champion, Quincy has passionately delved into the profound intricacies of Chen Taiji, delving into its core principles for the betterment of personal health and spiritual enlightenment.

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In his role as a Reiki Master, Quincy is passionately committed to leading his clients on a transformative journey, helping them to release emotional obstacles and experience profound healing. His approach fosters deep relaxation, providing clarity and ultimately leading to a sense of genuine happiness.

Spiritual Uplifts

Services by Quincy


This course will help improve your balance, knee mobility, overall health, leg & core strength, and more. Enjoy the reiki healing that is incorporated throughout the course for the ultimate healing experience.

Per Session: $15.00

6 Sessions: $75.00

Private Sessions $45.00 hour

Private sessions also available by appointment.

Every Saturday and Sunday.

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Quincy's Healing Sessions offer a serene and welcoming space for reiki healing. Quincy, a highly
skilled reiki master, incorporates the use of singing bowls and crystals to elevate the healing
process. The tranquil atmosphere and expert techniques employed by Quincy aim to provide a
comprehensive and deeply soothing experience for all participants.

Half-Hour Session: $65.00

One Hour Session: $80.00

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